Saturday , April 1 2023

KPCN introduces Participation Council

Elections were held at Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland (KPCN) for the Participation Council on October 8th . This council will consist of five persons, three of which will be from Bonaire, one from Saba and one from Statia. They represent the interests of the organization and personnel in the performance of business activities.

stemmen KPCN
KPCN introduces Participation Council (Photo KPCN)

The Participation Council is a body which is chosen democratically by and from employees. Once the council members have been chosen they have the right to assemble and to meet with the board of directors during working hours and to make topics related to business operations topics of discussion. The board of directors will first ask the council for advice on topics which come up for discussion before a measure can be implemented. Examples are schedules, working conditions, equipment etc. In addition, everything is negotiable if the Participation Council and management agree on it.

The chosen members of the Participation Council bear the responsibility to present the ideas and wishes of their colleagues to management. In this respect the members are protected against unfair treatment. They should not experience any adverse consequences from their input. Moreover, the Participation Council and management are equal in consultation. Naturally the regular working environment and the customary relations apply outside these consultations.

A council member will also be given the right to facilities to perform their counseling activities well and will receive training on the regulation, the counseling duties and acquiring skills such as consulting, arguing well, etc. The counseling activities are voluntary but are not without obligations once a person has been chosen. The colleagues trust that the interests of the organization and a good working environment and working conditions for them will be promoted as well as possible.

Election results:

Voters:                                     114

Number of votes cast:             94

Invalid:                                    1


Candidates: J. Emerenciana [Bonaire], S. Senior [Bonaire]. A. Braaf [Bonaire],

  1. Courtar [Statia] and W. Baker [Saba]


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