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October 18th: the day against human trafficking

Human Trafficking is an international problem and is often invisible.

What is human trafficking exactly?
Human trafficking is (in the broad sense) the forcing of people to work, sexual exploitation or forced donation of  their own organs.

What are the signals with this kind of crime?
Signals concerning the crime of human trafficking are amongst others: taking away the passport, long working hours without days off (that is exploitation) working under bad conditions, being under paid, bad housing, working under unhealthy and dangerous circumstances, deceiving, forcing and damaging of the integrity, to take away the personal freedom of a person.

Human trafficking has many faces; it is not only found in the sexual industry, but also in construction, hospitality and domestic servitude.
Victims of “loverboys” are also regarded as victims of human trafficking.

Who are the  “loverboys”?

“Loverboys” are boys and men who make young girls emotionally dependent in order to use them for sexual exploitation or other forms of exploitation. Boys can also become victims of “loverboys”.
“Loverboys” use and misuse young men and young women to their own advantage.

Do you ever think about human trafficking?
For more information, see our website www.mensenhandel.nl
If you recognize signals with someone from your own circle, please contact the tip line of the police by calling (599)717- 7251.

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