Sunday , March 26 2023

Saba Comprehensive School students compete in mini-triathlon

On Friday October 24th, Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) students competed in a mini-triathlon held at the Fort Bay. The multi-disciplinary sports event was organized by the Saba Triathlon Foundation in collaboration with Saba Fit and the Centre for Youth and Family.

In teams of six, the students had to complete a track that started with a swim in the Fort Bay harbor, followed by a bicycle ride to the Big Rock gas station, and a run to Tent Bay. All four of the SCS Red, Yellow, Blue and Green ‘Houses’ formed two teams, one with the young students and one with the older students.

mini triathlon-1

The Yellow House won the young students race, after a very close finish by the Red House. The Red House got their revenge in the older students race, when they came in first place and the Yellow House came in second.

Participants in the first two teams of each race were rewarded with a Saba Triathlon t-shirt. All SCS students present received a healthy salad and an Eat Right wristband after the race sponsored by Saba Fit to launch the start of the Saba Fit ‘Eat Right’-campaign meant to promote healthy eating habits among Saban youth.

mini triathlon-2
Yellow House wins the young students category

The mini-triathlon was organized to encourage the SCS students to form youth teams and participate in the actual Saba Hell’s Gate Triathlon on January 31st for which registration is still open. More information about that event can be found on, or requested by sending an e-mail to

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  1. Positive activity at SCS! Good Job! And you are all winners!
    I just want to say though, with all the negative comments people put on this site about SCS, rarely do those same people have anything positive to say or note. Yet, they are the ones who claim to have the children at heart….

  2. Fully agree with Saban. A great event for students organized by various stakeholders. Compliments to the teachers who were present that day, especially to Mr. Sinclair. It is just a pity that the director could only stay for 2 minutes during important this school event.

  3. Perhaps the Principal had other things to do as well.
    What should be said, is that at least he came.
    The previous Principal did not always attend sporting events, and yet there seems to be criticism about this Principal’s every step.
    Positivity is what we should be generating, not looking for every little tid bit that we can point out as negative.

  4. About time we had some positive news about SCS… 😉

  5. Good news from the school is very few and far between. Hmmmmmmm and we all knows why it is. Some people keeps on foolin themselves hoping that things get better there but I keeps it real.
    (Shortened by editor)