Friday , March 31 2023

Burglar of Big Rock Supermarket arrested

On Tuesday, October 28th , 2014, around 5.15 AM, the police received report of a burglary at Big Rock Grocery in Windward Side. The police immediately went to the location and has been able to detain a suspect in the act, who matched the description. It concerns  a 34 year old man, with the initials B.J.M. Several items were also seized.

The suspect was taken to the Police Station in The Bottom and the police continued the investigation. The suspect was taken into custody  on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Sounds more of a case of shoplifting than burglary. Perhaps we should ask the question why this individual felt the need to shoplift? Maybe they are in dire need of social assistance to help them make ends meet. Just say’en!

  2. They caught the person in the act but waited until the afternoon to arrest said person??????

  3. Hmmmmm caught the person in the act sounds kinda fishy. ..
    My question is what will they do with this person now?

  4. @ Mark, or perhaps the person was on a bad trip from the drugs he was taking. The person in question has a job, therefore he should know how to budget his money.

  5. So what do they do to BJM on this Island? In America being unarmed and doing this when your white it isn’t a big deal, just pay some fines. If your black and you rob somebody like this you will end up like Mike Brown and shot. Trying to sort out what is going to happen here not familiar with the laws/punishments on Saba?

  6. My brother is just a dumb drunk from the US…. We just found out today

  7. Oh, so being drunk makes it all ok.