Monday , March 27 2023

Opinion: Re-location of incinerator is required

Letter to the Editor of The Daily Herald:

Dear Editor,

This letter concerns our good government’s solution for the waste disposal problem on Saba.

After so many complaints about the toxic emissions from the present incinerator and the health hazards it poses to the entire school population and residents of St. Johns, which has to breathe the toxic emissions on a daily basis, their solution is to install an even bigger incinerator at the same location directly below the schools and the town of St. Johns.

We are being told that this new incinerator meets European standards and therefore poses no health hazards. Now we would not doubt that perhaps it meets European standards, but our question is if in Europe the incinerators are also located near schools and residential areas.

We would like the ministry of health in Holland to make a public statement stating that indeed having a waste incinerator located in a combined school and residential area where the emissions are inhaled and suffocating us on a daily basis poses absolutely no health hazard whatsoever to those inhaling it. Apparently Holland is not aware of people’s concerns that is why 1.8 million euros is being invested in this waste disposal and incineration project to be located at the same above ill-advised and unsuitable location rather than investing in the solution to the problem, which is finding a more suitable and safe location for the waste disposal project where it will not be a health problem or nuisance to our school children or people.

Other locations have been suggested but our local government, as usual, has all of the answers and is not open to suggestions. We hear the school saying that next year will be
local elections. We’re checking our lists and checking it twice but be careful the election results will not be very nice.  Rather than Holland sending a so called waste management expert with qualifications in economics to render advice please invest your money wisely in a permanent solution, by relocating to a proper and safer site.

As they say, location is everything.

Thank you and hoping this brings results.

Name withheld at author’s request.

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