Friday , March 24 2023

Comprehensive school organises career fair

The Daily Herald reports that on November 3, 4 and 5, Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) launched its very own Job Fair for the first time ever. The event was opened by Commissioner Chris Johnson with an inspiring speech. Previously these Job Fairs were only held on St. Maarten, and until six weeks ago the school’s plan was to take its newly graduated students there. This changed, however, since the St. Maarten Job Fair was suddenly cancelled. SCS then immediately decided to organise a Job Fair for themselves. The idea was to have a greater reach towards its students by catering to their wishes and also get the parents of these students more involved, so they can help their children make a balanced decision. Also, previously graduated students, who are still undecided in their future plans, and students of Saba Reach Organisation were able to attend this Fair.

Every year both the ABC islands and St. Maarten host a Job Fair; SCS will now join in and give opportunities to people from several institutions of International Affairs in the Netherlands, the United States and the islands, but ultimately, they wanted to have the local professionals tell their stories. The theme of the Saba Job Fair is: “Student, spread your wings, discover the world, gather information, increase your knowledge, enjoy your adventure, be inspired and then return to your lovely island and use your knowledge to build a successful career. We need you here!”


When the people of Saba heard of this plan, there was no hesitation and help was offered from all sides. This, of course, gave great hope to the organisers. Many personal presentations were given by people who decided to pursue a career on Saba, people like Dr. Gina, who talked about her study in the Netherlands and Mr. Mardembrough, who shared his vast knowledge of studying abroad.

Organiser Liss Koevoets mentioned the biggest compliment she and her colleagues received was the positive reaction of the students, the turnout was higher than expected and she was very pleased to see so much potential and enthusiasm. “This try-out was a big success,” said Koevoets, and certainly will get a continuation next year. Together with the entire SCS staff she wants to thank all the people who made the Saba Job Fair possible. “This is what makes a small island great,” she concluded.

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