Sunday , March 26 2023

Commissioner of Education’s Press Update on Secondary Education of October 6 is now online

GIS Saba announced  that they have placed  the video recording of Chris Johnson’s press conference of  Monday, October 6, on Youtube today.

On that day, the Commissioner of Education held an update  on the ongoing developments at the island’s sole secondary institution, the Saba Comprehensive School, along with members of the Educational Task Force that were here from The Netherlands.

Follow his presentation below:

Press release GIS Saba, November 12, 2014


Evaluation Commission visits the Caribbean Netherlands
Evaluation Commission visits the Caribbean Netherlands


  1. This old news and now that new Director no longer part of this task force so i hear. Finally Commissioner Johnson know this man not right for Saba or our children. Why Mr. Hemmie not back in the school at this time? I just got my childs exam tables not one exam scheduled. I dont agree with this as they always have exams at this time. Was this another mistake Sir make as Director? maybe he be to busy talking to the papers complaining about teachers instead of concerning heself with our kids sitting exams. How he going to say which child go into cxc or vocational if they no exams. This not good enough for my child. All Sabas education here going to hell and Commissioner Johnson allows it. Enough is enough.

  2. Another concerned parent

    Saffy, I fully agree with you. It is a mess because he simply does not know what to do. Our kids are paying the price for this mis-management in school. Thank God Ms. Clement is there to save and correct the mistakes made by him. This would not have happened when Mr Hemmie was the director. So please Mr. Commissioner consider bringing this man back in order to save what you have.

  3. Dear Saffy and Concerned parent. I fully support your writing since this has an immediate effect on the progress of our students. The exam schedule has been shortened because he did not want is to happen. No there is only a schedule for form 4 and 5. What about my child in form 2? Will his exam clashes with the form 4/5 schedule? Where will teachers base the report card mark on? In the handbook it states that students should be notified at least 5 days in advance before exams start. Up until now I have not seen any letter from the director explaining me when the exams will happen. Report cards will go out end of November according to the school website. And what grade will students get for Dutch and Principles of bussiness and Accounts? These teachers have been more out of school than in school.
    Plus the fact that so many hours have been canceled, like yesterday when the school closed at 12.15 because of a workshop. This never happened when Mr. Hemmie was there. Meetings took place after school hours or if it ad to take place during the day we were properly informed in advance.
    It is a mess and I am getting more than enough of it.

  4. Dear Commissioner,
    Why did it take nearly one week to have the press release publicized on Saba news and other media? It feels as if there were things to hide from the public.
    Anyway we can watch it now and conclude that not much has been changed from the previous one. That gives me already the feeling that this is a slow dying case with not much to expect from. Because we will never find out or hear about the truth why people had to leave, why the board acted as they did, why no one is responsible for the made decisions, why no one will be prosecuted, why no one will loose their jobs, while no one has to say sorry and so one while in the meantime you as commissioner tells everyone that you did NOT agree with the board’s decision but that you could not do anything more.
    Sorry commissioner, but knowing you, you could have done anything to keep the situation at the SCS as it was to prevent the chaos as the school is in now. I will not name them all again, but you know very well what is causes the chaos, not the teachers, not the non teaching staff, not the students nor parents but …… indeed the director.
    His non-commitment to make a test schedule for this week (thank God for good old Ms. Clement who did it to prevent more confusion), his outspoken hate and disbelieve against the CXC examination program and the SBA”S to the form 5 students, his interview where he accuses teachers from being lazy and not interested in attending training courses, his unfamiliar attitude with CXC which resulted in adding an extra subject to the form 5 students (which is just not allowed and possible within the CXC. As a result these students can not sit that exam, while they have been to class everyday for one year, his arrogance in staff meetings towards colleagues especially non-Dutch ones is just totally unacceptable.
    Commissioner Johnson, dear Chris how much longer are you going to sit back, relax and watch this situation deteriorate? Now is the time for you to move in and take control of the situation. If this does not happen on a very short notice, can predict chaos and destruction and more sad so, the learning outcomes of the students will drop dramatically.
    IT is all in your hands Chris. The solution for this enormous problem is not so far away. Act now and use your creativity and intelligence to solve this ones and for all.