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Evaluation Commission visits the Caribbean Netherlands

Evaluation Commission visits the Caribbean Netherlands

The Evaluation Committee which examines the impact of the new state structure, visits Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius from 13th  to 19th of  November. The purpose of this first visit is to hear from various groups on the islands what they consider important for the evaluation.

The Evaluation Committee will exchange information with residents, various stakeholders, island governors, members of the executive councils, island councils and members of the local political parties of all three islands.

The committee will review the information that they will use for the design of the study. After the first visit of the committee, in the beginning of 2015 a number of research bureaus will  come to Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius to gather information on behalf of the committee. Of course, the committee will also visit several times in 2015 the three islands to speak to various groups themselves. The evaluation will be due October 10th  , 2015, five years after the transition, offering its evaluation report to the clients.

The commission is headed by Mrs. Liesbeth Spies, former Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The other members of the Commission are Fred Soons, emeritus professor of the Utrecht University, Glenn Thodé, rector of the University of Aruba and former Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire, Luc Verhey, Professor of Leiden University and State Council of the Council of State, and Frans Weekers, former State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

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