Friday , March 1 2024

Rise in suspected chikungunya cases on St. Maarten

The Daily Herald writes today that an increase has been reported in the number of suspected chikungunya cases in Dutch St. Maarten since the recent heavy rains. Section Head of the Health Ministry’s General Health Care department Maria Henry told The Daily Herald on Wednesday, that prior to October the number of suspected cases straddled at zero to one per week. However, since the heavy rains, the number in suspected cases has increased to three to four per week. Henry said this is an indication that the virus is “re-emerging which means that people have to be proactive in making use of repellents.”

Henry said there has been an increase in the mosquito population. She called on residents to be extra vigilant in eliminating mosquito breeding sites in their environment to reduce the mosquito population, and take measures to prevent themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes such as
using repellents.

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