Monday , March 27 2023

El Momo shop and Peanut gallery receive new names.


The Daily Herald reports that the new names of El Momo Folk Art Shop and Peanut Gallery at the centre of Windwardside were unveiled on Saturday at 5:00pm. A good number of attendants were present to hear Gerard “Gersh” Geenty’s speech, after which two new signs were shown carrying the name Everyt’ings for El Momo Folk Art and Five Square Art Gallery for the former Peanut Gallery. “The old name was too confusing, since there is also an El Momo Cottages on Saba, which is of a different owner,” Geenty said.

Together with his girlfriend Emilie Declippeleir, Geenty bought El Momo Folk Art Shop back in 2009. Another reason for them wanting to change the name is because there is not much folk art sold at the shop anymore. Actually, they sell a little bit of everything now, and so the new name came about. The name of Peanut Gallery is changed to “Five Square Art Gallery”, complete with a smart and colourful logo. The name “Five Square” stands for Saba’s small size of only five miles.

In 2011, Geenty and Declippeleir had the opportunity to take over Peanut Gallery next to their shop. Geenty always dreamt of owning an art gallery, so he did not hesitate. He already had an interest in art and once studied Combined Arts at Southampton University in the United Kingdom.

“Peanut Gallery” actually stands for the cheapest seats in a theatre. When Geenty and Declippeleir took notice of this fact they decided that it was time to change this name as well. “The old gallery’s name didn’t do justice to the wonderful work that is being offered here. For a small island like Saba there are a lot of good and professional artists. They even come from all over the world to paint and display their work here,” Geenty said.

Finding new news for their businesses wasn’t that simple. Names such as “the Black Cat” and “the Treasure Chest” were amongst some of their initial ideas. Geenty and Declippeleir designed the logos as well, with local artist Michael “Irish Mike” McAuliffe producing the actual signs. Among other things, McAuliffe is also responsible for the Lambee’s Place and Sea Saba signs in Wind- wardside.

Geenty and Declippeleir have lived together on Saba close to ten years and aren’t planning to ever move again, so there will be plenty of time for people to get used to the new names of their establishments

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