Tuesday , March 28 2023

Executive Council Signs Covenant to Increase Quality and Quantity of Drinking Water

Commissioner of Finance, Bruce Zagers, recently signed a covenant with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M) that aims to stabilize the supply of drinking water on the island. In the covenant both governments agree that it is necessary to improve the quality and quantity of the drinking water on Saba. I&M has made funding available to partially finance activities that will assist the island in achieving this goal.

To increase the supply of available water on the island, the ministry has provided funding for a grey water cistern to be built under the soon to be constructed parking lot in Windwardside. Financing is also being made available for the extension of a cistern in St. Johns where new classrooms will soon be built.

Funding has also been earmarked for a project that will allow for pipes to be installed from the desalination plants in Fort Bay to the government owned cistern located above the medical school. The idea behind this aspect of the project will be to reduce the cost of transporting drinking water to the households.

Government owned cistern in The Bottom (Photo GIS Saba)
Government owned cistern in The Bottom
(Photo GIS Saba)

In order to increase the quality of drinking water on the island, there is also financing available to introduce water filtration systems for households on the island. An evaluation of several filtration systems is under way and a pilot project with the installation in households should commence in the coming year.

Commissioner Zagers stated that the signing of this covenant was already a big step in improving the quality and quantity of water on Saba. “The availability of water is of utmost important in every aspect for the continued growth and well-being of Saba and its and residents. These projects will allow for increased water storage capabilities and also improve the quality of water at the households with filtration systems. With these systems, the reliance on bottled water for drinking should be eliminated for the most part which will save money for residents and is also good for the environment.” The Commissioner expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of I&M for making this covenant a reality.

Press release GIS Saba

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