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Saba secures interest free loan from BZK to Alleviate Parking Shortage in Windwardside

To alleviate the acute parking shortage in Windwardside the Island Government has received an interest free loan from the Ministry of Kingdom Relations through the so called BES Funds. This money will go towards the construction of a parking lot in the area adjacent to the former Corner Imports. The parking lot when constructed will be able to hold approximately 60 cars.

This project was delayed for several months; however, now that the funding has been secured it was immediately placed on bid. The bidding process will conclude on December 1, 2014 and construction will start in the beginning of the new year.

Parking Windwardside (Photo GIS Saba)
Parking Windwardside
(Photo GIS Saba)

With the construction of the new larger parking lot drivers will no longer be able to freely park their cars on the sides of the road. Parking places will be designated where needed but the priority will be safety and the smooth flow of traffic. The parking lot that is now in front of the Tourist Bureau will become a short term parking area, while the new parking area will be for longer term parking.

In addition to the parking lot a large capacity grey water cistern will also be constructed.

Commissioner of Finance and Planning, Bruce Zagers, stated, “The realization of this project will be a major improvement for the village of Windwardside. Solving the parking and traffic problems has been a priority of the Executive Council. With these funds the traffic situation in this area will be alleviated to a large extent. I hope that we can get the cooperation of the community during the construction phases and also when new traffic regulations are put in place.” The Commissioner thanked those involved with the planning of this project, and especially, those from the Ministry of BZK who were instrumental in having the funding approved.

Press release GIS Saba

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