Friday , March 1 2024

This Friday finals of eleventh Saba Idols at Scout’s Place

Saba is well-known for diving and hiking, but when it comes to nightlife there is another famous attraction which is, of course, “Sabaoke” (Saba and karaoke). Scout’s Place bar and restaurant hosts the annual Saba Idols Finals coming Friday, at 9:00pm.

The Daily Herald announced that this is the 11th Idols competition, as it was founded in 2004 by Scout’s Place owners Wolfgang and Barbara Tooten. Held from the end of September to the end of November, Saba Idols has become a main event in Saba’s low season. The Tootens, both from Cologne, Germany, took over Scout’s Place in 2000. Barbara had the idea to start a karaoke night every Friday, about 13 years ago. Her husband, first sceptical about this new idea thought out the name for the event “Sabaoke Night.” Now, Sabaoke Night is a cornerstone of Saba’s night- life and one of the major events during the weekends. The Saba Idols competition started with six weeks of qualifying rounds, during which participants had to sing six songs, which were judged and awarded points. The six singers with the highest points proceeded to the semi-finals and three of them have now moved on to the finals. The winner will receive a grand prize of almost US $1,500 in vouchers, cash and gifts.

At Friday’s finals, contestants need to sing two songs and prepare a special performance. This performance is the funniest and most interesting part, according to the Tootens. Lots of supporters are coming out, cheering for their favourite performer.

Barbara Tooten singing, accompanied by her husband Wolfgang in the background. (Photo The Daily Herald)
Barbara Tooten singing, accompanied by her husband Wolfgang
in the background.
(Photo The Daily Herald)

Wolfgang is the master of ceremonies with Saba’s famous Calypso singer King Topo as his sidekick. Barbara will organise the show, the judges and oversee the smooth operation of the event. It is no secret that the Tootens sing quite a lot as well, but of course they won’t participate in the competition to give everyone else a fair chance. Previous competition winners came from Saba and from coun- tries around the world such as the United States, Cana- da, Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and Colombia. They are either residents of Saba or medical students, but all with a great singing talent.

This year’s three finalists are: chef Tjeerd Abma from Friesland, the Netherlands; Canadian schoolteacher Mark Dodds and Saba University School of Medicine student Becca Coleen from the United States. Friday’s finals start with an additional entertaining programme.

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  1. THE one & only real live entertainment on Saba. We have guests from the US and other places, coming every year during their vacation to attend the finals. We had people asking at a German dive show when the finals are held (at what date) so they can book for the right time. Quite impressive. Thanks Barbara for holding all this things together.
    (Shortened by editor)

  2. Okay I don’t usually do this but tomorrow I’m competing in the Saba Idol Competition finals, so if you happen to be on the island and want to come out and support me, I promise the finale will be worth it; you will be able to take the mickey out of me forever! Hope to see and hear you all enjoy the spectacle tomorrow night at Scout’s Place. Lets bring down the house with Barbara & Wolfgang Tooten!