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E-Team Saba meets with Development Bank OBNA

Last Tuesday the islands’s economic stakeholder platform, the E-team met with Mr. Kenneth Lei of Development Bank (OBNA) to discuss the options are available for Saban entrepeneurs through the bank. Mr. Lei gave a presentation on the different services that OBNA offers, mainly focusing on the Small Businesses Promotion Fund for Saba and Statia. This fund aims to support small and micro businesses on Saba and Statia by providing loans with low interest rates.


Members of the E-Team meet with OBNA Director Kenneth Lei (first left) (Photo GIS Saba)
Members of the E-Team meet with OBNA Director Kenneth Lei (first left)
(Photo GIS Saba)

Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Chris Johnson also updated the E -team on various developments, one of which is that he will travel to The Hague next week to be present at the inauguration of the Evaluation Committee. The E-team, based on their initial meeting with the Evaluation committee will present a paper that will serve as input for the constitutional evaluation. The paper will outline the challenges the economy on Saba has been faced with since the constitutional change on 10-10-10. In the paper the E team will put forward possible solutions and improvements that could assist in enhancing the island’s economy.

The Commissioner also informed the E-team that a final draft of the Development Plan for Saba has been finalized, and that the E-team will receive a copy of the plan with in short.

GIS Saba, December 4, 2014

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