Saturday , December 2 2023

Opinion: Police should show more activity

Dear Editor,

On Saturday last I was driving through Windwardside and traffic was crazy. The area alongside the bakery at Breadline is being used as a parking spot. We can’t blame those who park there because if the law is not enforced or, better let me ask the question do we have law, I mean a properly functioning police force on the island?

Traffic on Saba is worse than it has ever been and no where do we see out boys in blue driving trough the villages like we used to before 10-10-10. Many a times during traffic jams our own locals would have to take directing traffic upon themselves with traffic jammed up that you can’t either come nor go. Who are we going to call? Don’t call 911 cause you will be directed to who knows where.

Why do we even have a “police force” on the island because we all know that they do ABSOLUTELY nothing. You don’t see them and if ever they are called upon for assistance their responses is always “its not our jobs”.

Its a shame to see what is happening on our island. a non-functioning police force, people doing as they want. Why have them here if they are of no service?

I say pack em up and send em back home. Saba is only a place of cooling-out for them you know, in other words, a vacation spot.

Sabans look around you, speak up this island belongs to us if we don’t in a years time things will be worse than what it is now.

Name witheld on request

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  1. police force? what police force? that department ceased to exist since October 9 2010.
    Casper the friendly ghost is more real and visible then they.
    i tell ya they were surely handmade and crafted, don’t find this species no where else or maybe they shook em outta the cracker jack box.

  2. this so called department should be nominated as the 8th wonder of the world. SIPD (Saba’s invisible Police Department)

  3. Was wondering today what happened to the law that a tarp should be on a truck when transporting gravel or sand, (no more) what happen to the law that persons could not be standing up in the back of trucks. (no more) Maybe these were not laws on the books, but maybe police was looking out for the safety of the people. Not good to let so much just slide. It will be nice when the Wd’side gets the parking lot, because right now it is scary walking there. And yes I use my own name when putting a comment.