Thursday , December 7 2023

Saba Day celebrated in The Netherlands

Caribisch Netwerk reports that Saba Day was celebrated in exuberant manner in the Netherlands. It was singing the national anthem, eating pie and, after years again, seeing old familiar faces from Saba

It is the first time that a public celebration for the Saban community has been held in the Netherlands. On Saturday, one day after the official Saba Day, about fifteen people met inside a restaurant in Tilburg where Saban flags are flown inside and outside. The restaurant belongs to teacher Aireen, a former schoolteacher who taught on Saba.

Saba Day in Tilburg (Photo John Samson)
Saba Day in Tilburg
(Photo John Samson)

“Sometimes, in the Netherlands, someone held a private party at home for Saba Day. But this is different, because at this celebration I also meet sabans that I do not meet with very often, “says the Saban Angie Ignacio (24).

The student traveled from her new residence in The Hague to Tilburg especially for this celebration. “From their faces well, you can easily recoginze comes from Saba and who not. Occasionally I meet people from Saba in the Netherlands against, but basically we hardly see each other. It’s really a special day. ”

It is mainly young people from the windward islands of Saba and Sint Maarten that joined to the event. There is a lot of talking about the similarities among the islands of St. Maarten and Curaçao with which many Sabans have a family connections. There is much laughter, but also in discussions also the dissatisfaction concerning Saba as special municipality of the Netherlands.

Saba Day cake (Photo John Samson)
Saba Day cake
(Photo John Samson)

Before Saba cake is raised, it is time for speeches. Eldon Smith, one of the three adults, was asking the young people to stay in contact and to see each other more often. He finds it remarkable that the few people from Saba in the Netherlands barely know each other.

“We can do a lot for each other and for Saba,” says Eldon. “Do not think that, because we come from a small island, we can not achieve great things. There is something great in being small. Be proud of your identity as a Saban and show it. “

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  1. That is wonderful ! Hope it continues every year.