Wednesday , February 28 2024

Opinion: Mango tree in the Bottom should stay

Dear Editor,

It seems there are a lot of our folks that are a quite upset because of the plan to chop down that beautiful mango tree here in the Bottom. I am glad to see our Saba people standing up and voicing their concerns. This tree has been there before my time and it has never bothered anyone then so why is it suddenly a big problem or a danger to who??

The branches of the tree should turn around and slap them in their faces to fresh some people is. Who are you or who are all you?

Mind you I can only imagine that. whoever is behind this. is not even a Saban. probably an old johnny come lately that only here for self benefit and today or tomorrow when they pick up and leave. Its the Sabans that are left with all trees chopped down.

Again I have to say what is happening on this little rock has never ever happened before. I tell you no one cares. They ones that are supposed to look out for the best interest (our government) of our island are just the ones that is selling our island dirt cheap.

People wake up, stand up I tell you things is outta hand.

Who are these non-sabans coming to tell us that our trees have to go? Makes me sick to my stomach. Never heard of so much bologne in all me years.

I tell you if our government allows this. it will start a war and out of that war division gone come. I say enough is enough.

You know something me dear people change should come in 2015 because by the looks of it, if change do not come, things gone go from bad to worse.

Name withheld on request

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    A sad thing is that several monumental mango trees near the Sacred heart church have been more or less killed by building walls on their roots and by the reconstruction of the cobble stone street. Some help could be offered by the Bomenstichting ( but in fact people have to organise themselves when they want to protect such monumental trees. If I can offer any help then please contact me on, but please don’t expect miracles in a short time.

  2. Trying to become another Haiti I see. Do not mess with mother nature. She can be very vengeful.

  3. Please try to save the tree and other fern and fona on the island.
    That is what makes the unspoiled queen so beautiful.

  4. So you’re writing about something as simple as cutting down a tree, but fail to add your name??