Friday , March 1 2024

Chances for a job after MBO in the Netherlands

Youngsters in the Netherlands who complete a trade school (mbo) diploma will have a slightly better chance of finding work in years to come than those with a university or hbo college degree, according to a new guide to vocational training.

The guide states that teenagers who have mbo stage 3 and 4 qualifications, particularly in the healthcare, technical studies, baking and secretarial sectors ‘offer perspective’.

Nevertheless, the report says that only 30% of mbo students have no need to worry about finding work when they complete their studies. While this is a ‘minority’, the report goes on to state just 20% of hbo college and 16% of university graduates have a ‘reasonable to good’ chance of a job, without quoting sources.

The mbo figure could be inflated by the fact that many successful students go on to college, reducing competition for entry-level jobs, the report says. The guide looks at the quality of 1,500 different mbo courses, of which some 200 are rated ‘top class’. Some 50% of Dutch school leavers go to an mbo college.

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  1. I think this is true. If you have a trade skill, like electrician, plumber, carpenter, hairdresser,
    chef etc. You will get a job quickly. There is always a need for these skills every day. Who doesn’t need a handy-man ! I call repair men all the time. These trades can go out on their own and start their own business. If you are good you will have more business than you can handle just by referrals.

  2. Dutch language at the school is too low to go works in the Netherlands and needs to be raised. All them kids from MBO last year went to Bonnaire and couldn’t handle the Dutch language but gets they still can’t get into English schoolls cause MBO too low. Us Sabans got to learn to speaks up.
    (shortened by editor)