Monday , March 20 2023

Island Council approved third quarter budget amendment

The Daily Herald writes that the Island Council of the Public Entity of Saba met on Friday, December 22, to approve the third quarter budget amendment. In attendance at the meeting were Island Council Members Rolando Wilson, Carl Buncamper, Amelia Nicholson, Eviton Heyliger and Ishmael Levenston. The meeting was chaired by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.
The meeting began at 9:00am with the Saba Song, as usual. After the approval of the agenda, the minutes of the Island Council meetings of June 26 and October 3 were approved by the Council. The third quarter budget amendments were unanimously approved. Also on the agenda was the Island Ordinance amending the Retribution Ordinance of June 28, 2007. The proposal was to lower the cost associated with obtaining a building permit. This proposal was also passed unanimously. Before the meeting was adjourned, the members of the Island Council took the opportunity to wish the community all the best for the Holiday Season.

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