Friday , March 31 2023

Scout’s Place elects employee of the year

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Scout’s Place hosted its staff Christmas party. This reports The Daily Herald. The event took place at the hotel, bar and restaurant itself, with the restaurant being closed during the celebration to honour all staff with presents, entertainment and a rich buffet. Scout’s new chef Joost from Holland, surprised everyone with delicious meal choices. During the celebration, Scout’s Place owners Barbara and Wolfgang Tooten from Germany, both residents and business people on Saba for 15 years, awarded the employee of the year award to Claudia Every of Zions Hill. Over the years, Every has worked several times at Scout’s Place, but is now back for six years straight. “I love my job and working at Scout’s Place,” she said. “Claudia is a very reliable and hard worker. She is always on time and does everything with a passion and with our customers in mind,” Wolfgang Tooten said.

Every is mostly in charge of housekeeping and of the establishment’s surrounding areas, such as the tropical patio, but also of the laundry. Both owners have a very personal and friendly relationship with Every. “We are really happy to have Claudia working here for Scout’s Place, and we are sure we will continue working together for a long time to come,” Wolfgang commented. “As every year, I go and ask around whom the other employees think would deserve the award. This time the majority of workers pointed to Claudia.” Besides other presents, Claudia received a brand new 32” smart TV. She thanked both owners during a small speech and said she hoped to continue working for Scout’s for many more years to come.

German-born Elisa Malzkorn was honoured for her dedication and valuable help by redesigning the whole restaurant, bar and lounge area. She created the new look and designed the new Scout’s Place logo. The hospitality area has been redesigned into a modern lounge style, which transformed the former “Pirate Bar” into a modern place to eat, drink and relax. Wolfgang also pointed out Malzkorn’s “great help” in running the dive centre for several months and congratulated her with successfully finishing her instructor course in St. Maarten a few weeks ago. “We are very grateful for the dedication of our whole staff. Without them we could not do what we are doing. We feel that we are one great, big family, with some of the employees working already 15 years,” Wolfgang said. After the ceremony, the whole staff celebrated for a few more hours with music and karaoke songs.


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  1. Congratulations to Claudia Every. That is what makes Scouts Place such a great place to spend an evening out. Nice owners and great employees !!

  2. Thank you Sue for the great compliment. Claudia really deserves the award. We feel that all of our employees are great people and we are a big family at Scout’s Place. We always try to help and to support each other. We are looking forward to serve our guests and the community in 2015 as good as we did for the last 15 years. Happy New Year and all the best in 2015.