Saturday , April 1 2023

Contract for new parking lot signed

Commissioner of Finance and Planning, Bruce Zagers recently signed a contract for the construction of a new parking lot in Windwardside. This writes The Daily Herald. The contract was signed with contractor Saba Roads, whose Managing Director Janhendrik Boekhaar completed the signing. Also present was Head of Planning, Robert Zagers and representative of contractor Gerco Rijkers.

The parking lot will be constructed in the area adjacent to the former Corner Imports and will have parking space for approximately 60 cars. In addition, a large capacity grey water cistern will also be constructed under the parking lot.

Financing for the project has been made available through an interest free loan of just over 1.3 million dollars, which has been provided by the Ministry of Kingdom Relations. Construction will start in January.
Commissioner Zagers stated, “I am glad to see that project is finally becoming a reality. When this project is complete, this will be a major improvement in infra- structure for the village of Windwardside and will benefit residents and businesses alike. Solving the parking and traffic problems has been high on the list of priori- ties of the Executive Council.”


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