Sunday , May 28 2023

Extra prosecutor for islands

Based on a Royal Decree, followed by a swearing-in ceremony on December 29, 2014, Rob Rammeloo has been appointed deputy prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba BES. Rammeloo is employed at the Prosecution’s Office of Breda/Middelburg in the Netherlands, but will be working on location in Bonaire for a few months to reinforce the Prosecutor’s Office BES. He is considered a very experienced prosecutor, who, in the Netherlands, was mainly involved with investigations into very serious crimes.

In the coming period in Bonaire, Rammeloo will be mainly involved with the so-called Country Garden investigations. The Country Garden case involves a double murder committed in Bonaire in January 2014. Seven suspects will be heard by the court, starting February 3. The hearings are expected to take four days.

Prosecutor Henry Ham- beukers also remains involved with this case, but with Rammeloo’s assistance, Hambeukers will also be able to perform his other duties as chief prosecutor BES, it was stated Monday in a press release from the Prosecutor’s Office. It is not excluded that Rammeloo will also be working on other cases and perform other tasks at the Prosecutor’s Office in addition to Country Garden, it was said.


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