Sunday , March 26 2023

UTS innovates by using 3G technology

The Daily Herald reveals that the year 2015 is shaping up to be a year in which United Telecommunications Services Eastern Caribbean (UTS) will seek to strengthen its position of innovator when it comes to technology.

On the heels of announcing that UTS would refocus and reshape its attention on French St. Martin as part of a strategic approach for 2015 and beyond, the company is currently moving into the final phases to go live to all 3G sites on Saba to be followed by St. Eustatius in the near future.
The service is still in the testing phase at the moment and is to become commercially available under the Chippie 3G+ mobile brand, once the telecommunication authorities for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba have authorized the commercial launch.
The people of Saba, like the rest of UTS Eastern Caribbean, form part of the marketing and technology strategy for UTS, of which its customers’ demands, in terms of mobile technology and its related apps, are increasing. The upgrades and provision of 3G services have been executed in collaboration with Saba’s telecom company SATEL.
“As Smartphone technology advances, users are constantly discovering new ways to benefit from their phones. 3G-capable smart phones provide the practical services, exciting features, and fast speeds that users expect in a high-end phone. More than that, they give their owners the chance to be on the leading edge of today’s innovations in communication. We aim to continuously provide our customers with these innovations, and Saba is an important customer base for us,” Chief Executive Officer of UTS EC Glen Carty said.
The most apparent benefit will the boost in speeds, fewer dropped calls and better reception coverage. Consumers will enjoy more multimedia applications and experience enhanced operation of existing applications. Real-time video conferencing is possible with 3G connectivity. Users can down- load videos, images and mu- sic faster. Accessing email, playing network games and performing financial transactions are all tasks that can be completed quickly with 3G technology, UTS stated.
As with new developments on French St. Martin, Carty stressed that technology would not be the company’s only success in Saba. “In 2015 we want to make sure we are always the innovator introducing the latest technology, but it boils down to service,” he said, adding that the people of Saba could expect the same commitment to service as any other customer under the umbrella of UTS EC.


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