Saturday , May 27 2023

E-team discusses Saba's Development Plan

Today the E-team, Saba’s platform of economic stakeholders, held their first meeting of 2015.

Main topic on the agenda was Saba’s Development Plan, in which the Executive Council outlines their vision on future development of Saba.

First meeting E-Team in 2015
First meeting E-Team in 2015

Other points of discussion were the protest against the drastic raise of consular tariffs for work permits per 1-1-2015 and the exploration of investment opportunities on the island.

Commissioner of Economic Affairs Chris Johnson also used this opportunity to update the E-team about his recent trip to the Netherlands where he had discussions with different ministries, among others about the proposed raise in ABB per 1-1-2016, and the investments of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in sustainable energy.

GIS Saba

Statia government asks to hold of increase of ABB tax
The bird on Saba’s crest tracked by radar