Friday , March 24 2023

Opinion: Foreigners "steal" jobs from Sabans

Regarding different comments I have read about government not compelling Windward Roads or Saba Roads to pay taxes. well I have no comments regarding that because I have no idea how the set up or deal or agreement is. However I will voice my concerns regarding the fact that the employees of Windward Roads are not registered on the island( at the census office) they never had to write out of St. Maarten.

What I think is unfair, is that these men who are “exempted” from writing out of St. Maarten to register on Saba, are taking away jobs from our own local people.

What do I mean with that, simple, after they have completed their daily work for Saba Roads they are seen working all around the island for Tom, Dick and Harry.

Now tell me people of Saba is that FAIR and JUST???. Come on how can this be allowed first of all they not registered and already working for a company here that has taken away jobs from own local contractor and to top it off the unregistered workers are probably making 5 times their salaries by doing odd jobs!!! Taking those odd jobs from Sabans and they not paying no kind of taxes. I do not understand how this can be allowed. Doesn’t no body see this or is it only me? and this is nothing compared to the wrong doings being allowed to happen on this.

One thing I forsee this 2015 election is going to do is bring out the jumbees that been hiding under the beds. Lots will be revealed wait and see.

Name withheld on request

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  1. Stanley Peterson

    This article is 100% correct, these workers and WINDWARD ROADS are having a very negative affect on the economy.
    The Same workers were allowed to work on Commissioner Johnson’s house, and Dr. Kote’s House in the Level. They were however stopped from working on a few other local private houses.
    The WIPM led government has allowed Windward Roads to operate using tax loop holes that exempt them from paying Social taxes, Import taxes.
    I personally brought the issue up to the Secretary General of Interior & Kingdom Affairs, Mr. Richard Van Zwol. He was not aware of the tax loop holes but his advisor was.
    He said in order to stop Windward Roads from using the tax loop holes that the local government had to stop awarding contracts until the company abides by the same laws as local companies.
    Windward Roads was just awarded another 1.3 million dollar contract to build parking lot in Windwardside. So it goes to show you that the WIPM led government is ok with giving tax breaks to large corporations while slamming them on the local business man.
    This is a dangerous precedent that the WIPM government has set forth, this opens the door to any foreign company to operate in the same manner.
    We need foreign investment on Saba, we need Dutch companies to invest and help develop Saba, But most of all we need them to abide by the same laws as the local companies.
    just my 2 cents.
    Stanley Peterson

  2. Completely Saban

    What I would like to know is why can’t the Government give the job of making a parking lot to their Public Work employees?! Don’t the Government think those men are capable enough to get the job done then you can give each men money EXTRA for their hard work because I highly doubt with everything included it will reach 1.3 MILLION $.

    Saba Roads hardly have any locals working and they hardly don’t fund anything that is going on on this island. All I am hearing from everything they are making are complaints! Why Government ain’t giving nothing to their own Saban company Hescon, or Gills etc etc?

    I think someone getting money somewhere!

    Think about it!

    Just two cents.

  3. There could be an issue of integrity here. The Island Council is responsible for the quality of the commissioners that they have appointed. It seems to me that there is sufficient ground for the Island Council to, at least, check the allegations. It can not be, that government officials have illegal, personal dealings with companies to which they have allocated large contracts.
    It is of interest now to see if the Island Council will take an initiative in this respect. At least it should be discussed in the Island Council Meeting, else there may be an integrity issue with the ruling party as a whole.

  4. A whisper from the shadows

    “These workers and WINDWARD ROADS are having a very negative affect on the economy”, said Stanley Peterson. But if I remember correctly, the same WINDWARD ROADS worked on Stanley Peterson and Father’s BREADLINE PLAZA, (check Stanley Peterson’s Facebook page for picture proof on 11th July 2012), but I guess it’s all good when it benefit’s him.
    (Shortened by Editor)

  5. It is always the same thing, Foreigners taking jobs from local, come one now, tell the lazy people (young boys and girls) to get off their lazy bum and go get work to do.
    What does Windward Roads workers has to do with that, is it not the government of Saba that bring them to Saba? Who would give them the go ahead, the permission to come to Saba, answer that. I agree with whispers from the shadows.
    (Shortened by Editor)

  6. All this talkin about this and that. Let me just sets it straight as all these politicians from both parties is more crooked than a barrel of snakes. We Sabans all know that the Breadline Plaza was built by the same company that Mr. Peterson now attacks.
    (Shortened by Editor)

  7. just to set the record straight, mr whisperer and Saffy, Please feel free to approach me any time you have a question so I can personally tell you the facts.
    Windwardroads delivered concrete for 1 ring beam at the breadline plaza as seen in photo I provided.
    The only reason they did pour the concrete was because the Crane from Hescon could not reach where the concrete had to go.
    If you look closely you will see HESCON workers using the hose to pump the concrete.
    I believe I spent approximately $3000.00 that day with Windwardroads, I believe I spent close to $750,000.00 with the local contractor HESCON building the Plaza that we all enjoy so much.
    If you read my statements it is the manner in which the company is allowed to operate that I have issues with.
    There employees are brought here to work on the specific Civil projects the company is awarded, they pay no Social taxes on these employees and they don’t pay them a living wage. meaning that they the employees can eat here, shop here, etc. spend money within the community they are making it from.
    thus the island suffers from these underpaid temporary workers.
    Now the other issue is that these same employees whom never worked at Breadline Plaza were allowed to work on the doctors house and the commissioners house, were these civil projects too?
    I hope that clears up any misconceptions.
    otherwise feel free to stop and ask me a question at any time.
    Best regards,