Thursday , December 7 2023

Statia government asks to hold of increase of ABB tax

The Island Government of St. Eustatius has asked the Dutch Government to hold off the increase in the island’s sales tax until next year. This writes The Daily Herald. At the first press briefing of this year, Finance Commissioner Reginald Zaandam explained that “any tax rise can only be applied if economic growth affords such a development. Given that the economy for 2014 was sluggish, I have asked the Dutch Government to put such a decision on hold until after the evaluation of our constitutional status. Basically this tax was levied at eight per cent, but the level was reduced to six per cent for Statia and Saba for the first five years. On January 1, 2016, it is due to be increased to eight per cent and thus the same level as on Bonaire.”
Four previous finance commissioners had requested an overview of general tax revenues collected by the Dutch Government. Zaandam has also asked the Dutch Government for a current overview to see if it is equitable. He expects a positive response by the end of this month.


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