Saturday , April 1 2023

Expecting mothers get information

The presentation, “What to expect when you’re expecting” was held at Centre for Youth and Family in The Bottom on Sunday. The Daily Herald writes that this informative event was held to give expecting mothers more information about what to expect when they are having their baby.
Many tips and ideas were given by the two presenters Lisette Peterson and Joyce Smith, who are both nurses at A.M. Edwards Medical Centre.
According to Smith, expecting mothers should eat as many healthy foods as possible and stay away from caffeine, sugars and alcohol. Exercising is also very important. Walking and swimming are amongst the best activities to keep doing, even in the late stages of pregnancy.
Another interesting idea was to talk to your foetus. After birth, the baby will recognise your voice and feel more at ease, it was stated.
One of the attendants said afterwards that the presentation was very interesting. “I was happy to have been there,” she said. ‘ First-time expecting mothers on Saba will have to go to St. Maarten Medical Center to give birth. “This is to avoid any risks of complications,” Smith mentioned. Detailed tips were given on what to bring when going to St. Maarten, ranging from the number of socks to getting non-allergic baby wipes. 

If the mother is pregnant for a second time, she can choose to stay on Saba and have her baby delivered at the Medical Centre. After giving birth, the Medical Centre will send a nurse to the family’s house for sup- port and help with basic tasks for a maximum of ten times.
A follow-up on this presentation, which is organised by Centre for Youth and Family, will be given every three months.




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