Wednesday , February 28 2024

Child Focus & FPCA supported by Honour Society SUSOM

During Friday’s White Coat Ceremony at Saba University School of Medicine (SUSOM), President of the Honour Society, Karen Peng, presented monetary donations to Child Focus Foundation and Foundation for Protection and Cruelty against Animals FPCA. This reports the Daily Herald.

Child Focus project leader Stacey Simmons and veterinary assistant Cassandra Holm were both in attendance to receive the donations. Both Simmons and Holm expressed their gratitude for the monetary donations.

The Honour Society holds several fundraisers every year and members have contributed their time as volunteers to assist both foundations.

In a meeting with the Honour Society on Monday, Simmons and Holm were given the opportunity to explain what these foundations provide for the community and what aspirations they hold for the future. Through this continued support, Holm hopes to purchase new medical equipment that can be used to improve the quality of surgeries that are currently being performed on animals, such as a heart-monitoring machine, as well as the long-term goal of establishing a permanent animal clinic on the island.

Simmons intends on using the donations for the purchase of new educational materials for Child Focus’ after-school activities and is looking forward to the talent and skill that the medical students bring to the activities through volunteering.

The Honour Society is guided by Assistant Dean of Medical Education Dr. Lockie Johnson, who organises the collaboration of these foundations with medical student community out- reach.

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  1. Just a correction for the foundations name. SFPCA or Saba Foundation for the Protection and Cruelty against Animals.

    FPCA can be broad term and interpreted to put any foundation or place’s initial in front to represent their foundation. Thus while when submitted it originally stated SabaFPCA

    Thank you for publishing.