Sunday , March 26 2023

Arrest for theft

A 60-year-old resident of Saba has been arrested for two offences of theft, one of which was cattle from a pasture. It is not known what was stolen in the first theft. The man was arrested on Monday afternoon by the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force on Saba, on the instruction of the Public Prosecutor, as the man was not caught red-handed. The suspect has been transferred to the Police Station in The Bottom, where he was detained. Police is continuing the investigation into the alleged theft.

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  1. So, its my understanding that the man involved in the stabbing on Monday was released. However, this man who was arrested because of allegedly stealing/shooting someone’s goats is still in jail. “The man was not caught red-handed.” He wasn’t even caught in the act, so he supposedly did it.
    And even if he did steal goats, why is being locked-up like he is a menace to society?
    People can break into houses on Saba, be seen doing so, and not be held because of a lack of evidence (even though there is an eye witness). They are more threatening to our society than someone who supposedly stole cattle.
    How does our legal system justify this??
    Truly ridiculously amazing!

  2. welcome to Saba where any common sense make no sense. Shame on our little island for letting one of ours be treated like so but a medical student can walks away from a stabbing and a beating. No justice on this damn island

  3. What I really wonder is who dafq steals cattle in the 21st century…??

  4. The man did not “steal cattle,” he allegedly shot goats/sheep and sold the meat.
    Other goat/sheep owners claim the animals were their’s. Why? Because they want the money without having to put in any of the work. Where is the proof one should be asking?
    And why is a man being locked up for shooting goats? If one can prove that he supposedly shot someone else’s animals, than make him pay the person back for said animals and perhaps pay a fine.
    Why is he being treated like a threat and menace to society?
    It’s not like he went into anyone’s yard and shot the animals. Did he stab anyone? Beat up anyone? Break into anyone’s home?
    No! No witnesses, and no proof. Just accusations and conjecture.

  5. Rediculous how the ones in charge of this island come across as idiots. Here we have a fine example with the goat story. As for stabbing and beating. Well we all know how they deal with domestic violence also. I know this one first hand. When the man says to the chief of police. ” She is my wife and if I want to hit her I will” and he just sits there looking like an idiot…. well you get my point I am sure. Its amazing how they want to sweep everything under the rug. If I read this and see the weaknesses, corruption and failure to place good laws in place and utilize them, do you the public and others out there do not take notice? Sounds like the island is being run by the sheep for the sheep, no pun intended.

  6. Let’s not forget that animals aren’t objects. They are living being just like us. They should be treated with the same respect you want to be treated with. Killing animals should be severely punished, and luckily, we have laws for such.