Monday , March 27 2023

Gumbs meets Commissioners

The Daily Herald writes that Commissioners Chris Johnson and Bruce Zagers recently met with St Maarten’s Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs to discuss “a number of pressing matters” to be dealt with by the two Dutch Caribbean entities, according to a government press release.

A key issue discussed was the method of transportation of fish and lobster from Saba to St. Maarten. The Health Inspectorate of St. Maarten has implemented new inspection and transport procedures that are “viewed as burdensome to fishermen and could result in a price hike on produce.” Public Health substitute minister Rita Gumbs and Secretary-General for Public Health Joy Arnell were a part of the discussion. They will look at the possibilities of implementing a more flexible system. Gumbs is credited as saying government will take Saba’s concerns seriously.

The Turnover Tax (ToT) paid by Saba for fuel shipped through St. Maarten for Saba’s utility company was discussed by the Saba officials with Finance Minister Martin Hassink.

Johnson presented Gumbs with the gift of a book entitled The Diary of a St. Martin Salt Checker, compiled by his father veteran politician and author Will Johnson.


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