Tuesday , March 5 2024

Survey about needs senior citizens

In order to obtain the views of senior citizens on the needs of senior care on the island, Public Entity Saba is organising a survey among Saba’s older inhabitants. This writes The Daily Herald. The main focus behind the survey is to determine what is going well in the provision of care and support, and in which areas improvement is necessary.

When the survey is complete, the results will be used to draft a plan for a seniors’ centre where senior citizens can gather for activities and meals, and if possible receive health care too.

Another aspect of the survey is meant to get an overview of possible services or areas of care needed on the island in addition to current home health care, in order to provide full support for seniors and their family caretakers.

In order for the survey to be successful and to be able to offer the right services to seniors on Saba, the Public Entity needs as many responses as possible. If you are a senior citizen, or if you know a senior in your neighbourhood, you are invited to pick up a questionnaire at the Government Administration Building at The Bottom or at the Old Age Home. Once filled in, the forms can be returned to either location. All information will be highly appreciated and is extremely valuable for the improvement of senior care on Saba.


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