Thursday , November 30 2023

Old Age Home visited by Lions

For the first time this year, Saba Lions Club organised a festive event Sunday, at Henry Every Old Age Home in The Bottom. The Occasionals Band played tunes from the old days and there were plenty of cakes and sweets to keep the residents in a party mood.

One of the core elements of “Lionism” which represents the Lions members’ goals, is taking care of the elderly on the island. Lions’ former club president Carl Buncamper said that these kinds of events will be taking place more often, at least every few months. As around 50 per cent of Saba Lions are older than 65, they are always looking for new blood to continue their volunteer work. Six new members were recently introduced; three men and three women. They are currently undergoing a sixmonth evaluation period, after which they will be inaugurated as official Lions Club members.

Occasionals Band members Ray Hassell, Eric Johnson and Roy Smith played with great passion, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the old people’s home between 3:00 and 5:00pm. “The Home’s residents got more sugar than they should actually have, so they probably kept the nurses up until late at night,” Buncamper commented jokingly.



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