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Political Parties Postulation Day

Postulation Day 2015 for the March 18 Island Council election, led the island’s traditional two political parties to register at the government building in The Bottom.

Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) currently holds four of the five seats in the Island Council and Saba Labour Party (SLP) holds the remaining one seat. This writes The Daily Herald. The two parties each presented their nine candidates for the election to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson. WIPM was the first to do so at 3:00pm, and SLP one hour later at 4:00pm. Afterwards, the two party leaders each gave a personal statement.

SLP party leader Ishmael Levenston said: “God is in control, we are mere players. I’ve been in politics for 50 years and today I decided that this will be the last time I’ll present myself as a candidate for the SLP. Politics is about people, win or lose, you got to keep the people together. We have to fight for Saba and let the Dutch politicians know we have to be treated as equals. With the Dutch you have to be direct and tell them what’s on your mind. God put me in this position to do a job. When my job is done, God will call me home,” said Levenston.

WIPM’s Rolando Wilson said he believes his party will retain its four seats. “This year, our party also celebrates its 45th. Anniversary in November. We are campaigning 45 years for progress and prosperity. Like any political party, we’ve had our ups and downs, but remember every position possible was held by the WIPM party. For the past 12 years, we’ve held a stable government on Saba. The party slogan is:”Moving forward together,” because we believe that everybody on Saba should be part of progress.” Number six WIPM candidate Vito Charles said the party programme will be available for everyone as of today, Tuesday. For environmental reasons, he advised to request a digital version by email.

The eligible voters list will be completed today, and Governor Johnson believes around 1,000 people will be able to vote on Saba on March 18. “Residents of Saba in possession of a Dutch passport, and people who have lived on the island for five consecutive years, or longer, can vote,” Johnson emphasised. In the next few weeks, the voting passes will be sent. “I hope everyone will see their right to vote as a privilege and exercise it,” Johnson concluded.


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