Friday , September 29 2023

New tax levy cost

The Daily Herald writes that the collection of taxes should be cost-effective,but until now that has proven not to be the case in the Caribbean Netherlands and for that reason levies were increased as of January 2015.

The Tax Service provided an overview of the charges that are now applied, pursuant to Article 2.2 of the Tax Law BES (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba):

a) For the serving of an injunction with the order to pay US 40 (with a maximum to US $9,333);

b) To make a statutory provision of another subpoena US $40;

c) Giving of a receipt by the bailiff in charge of the implementation of an injunction costs US $20;

d) Issuing a legal regulation for “seen” and signing a subpoena or another document US $4;

e) Displaying a subpoena US $4;

f) Announcing a subpoena in the newspaper US $4;

g) Sending a collection letter for payment US $8.

Of course this can all be prevented by paying one’s taxes on time. People who are unable to do so at once can contact the department to work together on finding a suitable solution, a press release states.

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