Friday , March 1 2024

Three arrested for attempted manslaughter

Three men were arrested in a case of public violence on Paris Hill Road in The Bottom in the early morning of Saturday, January 31, around 2:15, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force reported Tuesday.

A 25-year-old man from Saba was seriously injured. The police was alerted and arrested two suspects in the act concerning attempted manslaughter, assault with a weapon and public violence. It concerned two Saba residents; a 30-year old suspect with initials L.E.H. and 20-year-old M.A.G.H. Both suspects were transferred to the Police Station in The Bottom and taken into custody. The victim was hospitalized and treated for various injuries.
Later, in the evening, the Police arrested a third suspect in this case, on the order of the Prosecutor. It concerned 25-year-old suspect M.M.G.L. from St. Maarten, who was also taken into custody. The police seized the weapon that was used in the assault and continue the investigation.

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  1. The ‘victim’ initiated this fight by attacking someone with an illegal weapon. Any consequences for him?

  2. So where is the whole story? or did that also disappeared?

  3. We all knows who was involved and that young man sitting in that jail cell was the victim of that gang of thugs that all on the narcotic and think that the island owes them a living. Theys the one that instigated this whole thing and used an illegal weapon as they always do yet a young man that simply defend himself sit in jail. When Saba gonna wake up and speaks out against these punks. This island to small for gangs and nobody should be intimidated by these fools that have cause a lot of trouble and pain since they teenagers. They have no future cause that the path they chose and refuse to see that theys in the wrong. Why the police always make excuses for they and support this behaviour of intimidation. We need to speaks up! Enough is enough and those poor young men sitting in jail cause nobody have any problems with they ever. I hopes this Tom foolery come to an end now as we all knows this was eventually going to happen and nobodies sick parent gonna get them off the hook this time. This hurt our island and our tourist industry and them young fools got to be told and pay for their crimes that go on for many years. What to do ? I prays to God for justice for those young men wrongly accused and sitting in jail tonight.

  4. Finally someone with common sense!!!! Justice must be served!! Everyy word you said is true!!

  5. A picture has two sides and four corners….and you cannot fight fire with fire!. I am not choosing sides for i stand on the side of what is right!. Everybody in Saba knows that boys have been back and forth at each other for quite a while…Who started it at this point it is obviously not important…People please don’t let your personal feelings for the individuals cloud your better judgement.

    A comment mentioned earlier stated that they were wrongfully accused ….please explain how does one substain all those cuts almost bleed to death ..and you think the one or ones wielding the blade get away scott free?…..Don’t get me wrong the victim has his ways just everyone of us ..but what makes these 3 men better than him?…..Why should they be held to a better standard than he should?