Wednesday , February 28 2024

Opinion: Stop Bashing Sabans

Dear Editor,

Mr editor I am writing this article in the hope that you will have it published.
Concerning the incident that took place last Friday into Saturday in the Bottom area. I would like to voice my point on this matter.

I was no where in the vicinity , I do not know what happened because I was not there. That is the laws and the respective authorities job to deal with this case based on whatever information the have.

Mr Editor what has me as a local enraged is the following. I have taken note of different comments that was made against the Saban locals. Yes I am local and I am sick and tired of foreigners residing in my land and bad talking us . Mr. Editor I always said and I will continue to say these latin foreigners have nothing for Saba or its people. Calling us locals racist?? come on if Saba has been so bad towards you why are you still here? and why do you want to bring in more of your family??

Mr. Editor all that I am saying is based on all the comments regarding this incident and others in the past, where foreigners were in confusion with the law. I feel as a local I have to speak and defend our honor. If Saba is so bad and like you say and I quote “the local authorities are unprofessional and racists and that locals take advantage and foreigners take the responsibility” then I have to ask you the question what are you doing here on this 5 square miles rock? If your country is so much professional and better then you can always move back.

Mr Editor in ending I would like to say that at some point in almost all our lives we were foreigners in another mans land, and if we felt that country was not treating us fair we all had the option to go back where we came from.
Foreigners don’t be ungrateful and crucify Saba and its people. Saba has been good to all of you. If Saba had not been good to you, you would have long gone back home..

Thank you Mr Editor

Name withheld on request

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  1. To quote:

    “Calling us locals racist??”

    as an afterthought to the comment:

    “Mr. Editor I always said and I will continue to say these Latin foreigners have nothing for Saba or its people.”

    Well ‘Name Withheld’, based on your aforementioned diatribe, it’s clear that you are proud of your racist ideologies. Thankfully, the majority of ‘Sabans’ do not feed into your bigoted, misguided and uneducated points of view!

  2. To whom this person may be.
    I am a local born and raised. I am a individual that takes no sides of stories or person. When a person is bored and jealous that he can not have the attention as a new guy in town right away, the jealous local goes again as usual trying to turn everyone against the outside.
    The whole thing that people in general need to keep through their simple minded heads is that u get what u give. Also it is true that the foreigners are picked on an are treated differently so why would they kiss ass to get shit in return?
    Another thing locals have to stop the mentality that oh the foreigners are coming in an doing as they please, making money n sending it back home and what ever.
    For one when u can take the time to think and talk like this, you are one that don’t pay attention to work for your own because your too busy trying to get in other ppl business.
    I am a local i love my land my home but to read an hear about the stupid opinions my ppl have sometimes make me a shame of the local s because you people need to wake up an live your life an stop trying to live other peoples life.
    The incident that took place last weekend in The Bottom was just another situation in life that has to be dealt with. Also the police department in Saba is a joke. Period. They couldn’t solve a problem if it had the right directions for it.
    I do not get myself into anything buh ignorance pisses me off. So try an do something for yourself and stop worrying about other peoples problems. Kyle looked for it and has always looked for it, a doctor has to drink his own medication also.

  3. I am glad that a Saban had the guts to call Kyle and his punks out on their behaviour.
    as a Saban and proud owner of a passport of the Netherlands, I cannot believe some damn fool wrote what he did. Stick to your dancing as far as I concern! I hope them police realize they back the wrong horse, as they have been doing for years. The Dutch police need to look into if they paid out by these narcotic thugs cause we all now they is. Election time and time for change and no last name should protect anyone in our five square mile. My heart goes out to those young men that simply fought back for their lives and I here many police reports were made earlier but they never acted. I don’t cod one violence but that ink walk around the street the next day with a smile on his face but he apparently nearly bleed to death the night before? please if this aint fix soon this island goon be two gangs fighting out between we and old Saban white man laughing all the way to the bank on our sons lives!

  4. To whom ever wrote this;
    Last time I check the “latins” said nothing about color nor anything about RACIST..Check your facts befor “bashing”.
     if anyone’s bashing it’s the sabans…the Latinos haven’t made any posts calling anyone racist.. But they’ve had to defend themselves from the bashing that they’ve received from locals
    If you want to prove a point come better than that..
    And no the “latins” arent bashing the Sabans. The same way you now standing up for the locals, they are standing up for their community.
    You seem very furious about facts you do not know about. Yes the suspect was wrong for his actions.. i understand that completely..
    Maybe if the suspect was taken seriously from LAST YEAR about his complaints towards the “victim” this wouldn’t have gotten so far. But no the police let it slide and the “victim” thought he could of get away..
    Everybody want to base the fact on only friday/saturday, but this all started befor the summer.
    You want to defend the locals? Go right ahead, but befor “bashin” make sure you “bash” with facts!!
    It takes 2 to tango..
     It takes 2 hands to clap and locals should now take notes on how to be as 1 like the latin community is doing but sabans are too busy minding other people business and finding ways to bring down their very own..

  5. You all say it’s none of you’ll business but then why are you all leaving Replies/Comments if you all calling yourself Locals, then I don’t think you all should be feeling Some Type Of Way, and specially by calling Names!

    I wonder why and how the Saban’s can get alone with the Latino Women and not some of the Latino Men! So for some of you conceited Saba people go sit back Sip on some Thee or Whiskey, which ever one you all find enjoyable, and Re-read what ever book that was complicated for you.

    I don’t see no other foreigner on Saba then some of the Latino Men in problems, true out the years I see some became humble in the community.

  6. Geert Wilders could not have written this better. He’ll love you!
    But me, I’m just glad you won’t be able to vote for him this March.