Wednesday , October 4 2023

Opinion in The Daily Herald: “Is there justice on Saba for all?”

Dear Editor,

There was an article in this newspaper on Wednesday, February 4, regarding three young men arrested for attempted manslaughter (murder). One of the victims was another young man, whom the article said was seriously injured, but was released from the hospital that same day.
The article also said that the police would continue the investigation; however, I have not seen any other information regarding what really took place that early morning after leaving the bar. I was there and saw what happened, and I would like to bring to your attention the events regarding the other victims.
The incident took place between two persons only and not four as mentioned in the article. The police was not there and they only listened to biased comments made by the person who started this incident after going to the hospital. Others who saw the whole episode, like me, were not even questioned.

After MH and ML had gotten into a car to go home, they were stopped, and KR accused MH about something that he didn’t do. KR and MH started arguing, KR had his hands in his pockets, MH felt threatened and ML got between the two to separate them. KR hit ML and ML moved away, and then KR and MH started to fight. Nobody else from the crowd tried to intervene, only after about 10 minutes when LH arrived he pulled MH away. KR then ran away and a bystander noticed KR was cut.

When MH was about to enter the hospital because he was also hurt, the police came and took him away and said a weapon was found on someone else. KR complained that ML held him when MH punched him, but that isn’t true. Many spectators saw KR hitting MH with a brass knuckle, but only a few saw when he gave it to a friend. MH didn’t receive medical attention for his broken finger and bruises on his cheek and stitches over his eye until the following day.

Is innocence until proven guilty a law on Saba or not? The one who received most blows that morning is known well by many, and they believe that the authorities have labelled him falsely. They also know the one who went to the hospital to be a long time trouble maker, who has badly hurt another making his victim lose vision in his eye. Some say this is a repeat of what happened with the same police force.

The RCN police blamed the Antilles police for being corrupt, but at least they were approachable and hung out more with young people, but this police system waits until something drastic happens. All four of these young men need positive mentors. Latino representatives met with the governor on Thursday, February 5, about this incident and submitted a letter. They said bullying and discrimination against Latin folk start in the schools and the community, and how various complaints were made to the authorities who did not act upon them, noting that this incident could have been avoided. They said these young men and many others are constantly provoked and threatened, and one was punched repeatedly in the face and defended himself. The Latin community said they were sorry for the outcome, and request that they be treated with the same respect and justice as any other citizen living on Saba.

An eyewitness

Name withheld at

author’s request


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  1. & finally the truth has been revealed and is there for the world to read!!!

    Dear Eyewitness,

    Respect to you for speaking up and doing what is right!!

  2. Finally someone is telling the other side of the story at this moment those three boys are in prison and can not defend their side of the story only the “victim” is making himself look so innocent crying to the police like a little punk…. If his wounds were so “deadly” and he lost so much blood why wasn’t the victim kept in the hospital for further observations??? some people need to pick sense out of non-sense…. some way or another we all have migrated to saba…He was born on saba but his parents are not from saba everyone wants to make a living and a good life just like his parents did… people on this island need to stop thinking the way they do i feel for the kids that have to grow up on saba with the way it is going it is not what you may know it has become WHO you know… SABA THE UNSPOILED QUEEN what is happening to our home land… Our own local police seems to be in the middle of the corruption SHAME, Shame on it ALL !!!!

  3. seeing that you have set the record straight via Saba-news, did you give your official statement?

    I’ve seen some foreigners on Saba think that they better than the locals but yet you are here to better yourself and make it a better place for your family because you had it hard and difficult back at home.

    I personally don’t have a problem with no foreigner but some of them would watch you straight in the face and don’t even know how to greet you when they passing you.

    People have to be humble.

    Lastly, everybody looks to blame the police first but don’t forget there is the prosecutor that sets the time that suspect will be in jail for and you have the Judge that grants it so don’t be so quick to throw all your hating eggs in that rotten basket but seeing that everyone is so highly educated when it comes to the law, then you should apply for police, prosecutor and judge when the vacancy arises again and let us see if you will talk the same talk.

    All jobs have laws, rules and regulations that the simple minded no commonsense folk can’t comprehend but yet in the big world so it is.

  4. Haven’t we all one upon a time lived in another mans land to further our educations or what ever may it have been ?

    Saba people also sit to bring down their own many times!! its not only the foreigners

    Remember was it 3 years back when the local boys ganged up on our very own local boy on the airport ???

    Lets not start about the police whats that slang they use let laying dogs sleep?

  5. Dear “Unspoilqueen” before referencing the incident that took place on the airport please get ur facts straight! Those men that were arrested didn’t gang up on anyone! They were there playing their music and were targeted! That gentleman that got his beside beat started it along with his other family members and the musicians just defeated their self! And yes they got lock up because in this land called Saba it’s not what you know it’s who! They are black and from the bottom so yes they had to be wrong! So many FAMILY MEMBERS THAT WEREN’T NO WHERE NEAR THE SCENE signed so many false statements against those men! But yeah that time has past so please that situation is nothing like this.

    Just stating the facts!

  6. Unspoilqueen & facts is both right as there be to much corruption on this little island and them police is more crooked than a dogs hind leg. To much families think they run this little island but they needs to know that this island changing. New Sabans everyday and we needs them or else this island in the grave. Sad that the entire community know that Kyle and his silly band of hood rats is the trouble. Sad that them police always protect he so why should he fix his damn self. Sad that fellow Sabans make excuses for them stupid little boys cause I wont call them men as they dont deserve to be called so. Sad that a nice young man still sit in jail for just defending himself. Where is the justice? This island sadder by the day and I pray that it fixed soon.

  7. @ unspoiled queen

    Everybody quick to throw blame on the police.

    Since everybody seem to be mouth champions when it comes to relating their version of the incident, go to the police station and call names then.
    But this is Saba, when people should come forth they chicken out and don’t go anywhere. Some complain, others afraid of the suspect when they come out.
    Let all camp out at Hotel California.

    But knowing, not a soul going anywhere to blast their mouths and call names and say how it went at the station so just lets stop.
    Call names then if he had brass knuckles and who he passed them on too.

  8. Listen good who ever trying to blame theese guys most think before they talk. You don’t have your own life to live . Just because it’s not ur friend or Familly doesn’t mean you have rights to wanna judge someone. Ok. You all having this fight like if you all never see a fight and want call it attempted manslaughter . You have to know good what you add on the newspaper because it’s rediculos I shore who add the article don’t think good enough. The man is in Saba in good conditions . Up and down they say and wanna blame theese guys. Come on grow up everyone make mistakes and it was not intentional he went to look problem and if it was he the one the cut up man to be in a fight someone would of jump in for him to help the same way and talking about Dominicans STOP BEING RACIST . Everyone works for a peace of land and for what they want. Not teafing it’s working. Rediculous. I want to know who never make a sin .here in this world. Come on better stop blaming people. they don’t need to be handcuff they are not criminals I find the newspaper should change their article . STUPIDNESS REMEMBER THEIR IS ONE GOD ABOVE AND GOD DON’T SLEEP. just how bad they want to do to theese guys they will be repent of accusing, know what ur talking. That cut up man acting childish he only balling for what he want to ball. He have to stop picking problems with people. Police don’t look at that. But yeah the innocents one have to be lock up.