Sunday , April 2 2023

See your doctor immediately when you have flu symptoms

The Telegraaf reports that the elderly and people with a chronic illness are wise to quickly go see their doctor as soon as they feel flu symptoms. They can then get antivirals that inhibit the flu. That has virologist Ab Osterhaus said on Saturday. Osterhaus is the head of the National Influenza Center in the Netherlands. “The antivirals inhibit the propagation of the virus. They work especially if they are administered within 24 to 48 hours, “says Osterhaus.

The flu vaccine that risk groups received this year is not effective against the flu variant that haunts at this time. “A mismatch” says Osterhaus. That’s because, according to him, already half a year in advance it is determined which virus is put into the vaccine. In the meantime, another flu variant can be active, such as is the case this year.

According to Osterhaus, scientists in Rotterdam and Cambridge are currently working on a method to get flu vaccine produced faster, with better prediction of which virus will be active in the coming year.

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