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2015 election program of WIPM party

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The Windward Islands People’s Movement party has recently published its program for the March 18, 2015 elections.

You can download the full program by clicking this link. (1.7 MB)

The introduction reads:

2015 marks the 45th year that the Windward Islands People’s Movement has been continuously serving the island
and people of Saba. For almost half a century the W.I.P.M. Party has been presenting qualified candidates to provide
sound, stable and responsible government for the people of Saba. This year is no different.

On March the 18th 2015 the people of Saba will be called to the polls once again to elect a team of candidates to run
the local island government. This party program outlines the issues of this election and highlights the priorities of the
W.I.P.M. party for the governing period of 2015 – 2019.

To begin the program we start with an introduction of the nine candidates of the W.I.P.M. party contesting this election.
The candidates on the W.I.P.M. Party represent a broad spectrum of the population of the island, and come from
various backgrounds representing many different sectors of Saba’s society. It is very important for voters to remember
that it takes a collection of individuals to run a government. Based on the dualistic system of government, the party
that wins the election will need between five to seven qualified members to hold political office. This is because the
party with the majority will have to fill at least three, but up to five members of the Island Council, and then appoint the
two commissioners of the island. Because of this it is of absolute importance that voters not only base their decision
on the individuals running, but on the parties as an entire group that will have to run the government of Saba for a four
year period.

After the introduction of candidates the party program focuses on the issues at hand for this election and upcoming
plans and projects for Saba. Issues of extreme importance for Saba, such as the upcoming Evaluation of 2015 and the
potential long term effects of it are discussed at length in the following sections. Projects that will have significant
impact on both society and the economy of Saba are also included in this program. Crucial projects, such as
developments in the energy sector, recycling, the airport renovation, the Harbor and the school improvement project
are all presented in depth. All of these projects are of utmost importance to the continued advancement of our island.
The WIPM party program continues with sections discussing other important issues for the upcoming term. Sections
about social levels, education, health care and tourism are all included in this program and are all issues of high
importance for the incoming government. A key topic discussed in this area of the program is the issue of financial
management and the relevance it has to the proper functioning of government.

In the conclusion of the W.I.P.M. party program we will leave you with our thoughts on the importance of this election,
the strength of the W.I.P.M. party in both our candidate quality and our planning for the upcoming term, and our overall
conclusions. If you have any question or comments please feel free to contact us at, or engage
any of our candidates throughout the campaign.

We thank you for taking the time to read our 2015 – 2019 W.I.P.M. party program. Please read our party principles
on the last page and enjoy our attachment “What has your W.I.P.M government done for you?” We look forward to
meeting with you during the campaign and remember your vote will play a big part in shaping Saba’s future.
On March 18th 2015, do the right thing for your island and all of its people, vote intelligently, vote responsibly and

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  1. Who is responsible for the fact that even after a subsidy project in 2004 and also in 2014 roaming goats are still destroying plants on farmland, in gardens and in nature?
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