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Opinion: Upcoming elections should be based on Agenda's not personal interests

Nataly Linzey, Saba’s representative on the Kingdom Youth Parliament sends us the following contribution in preparation of the upcoming elections of the Island Council in March.

Dear Editor,

Let me play the devil’s advocate a little bit here today.

In a little over two months from now, Saba will be going to the polls to cast their votes for) the island council.

We all have heard a lot about people buying votes and what have you…on St. Maarten. Where we can dispute about whether or not that which went down in St. Maarten is to be (legally) seen as the buying of votes, I think that we on Saba can ask ourselves if such things takes place here as well.

When speaking to one of the members of the Socialist Party up here in The Netherlands a couple months ago (they had a lot to say about the situation on St. Maarten), I pointed out to her, that the islands have a totally different culture than the Netherlands when it comes to voting. You wash my hands, I’ll wash yours…is the mentality here.

Now…on Saba, if I may be honest here…people get voted into office based on whether or not the person in question is willing to build my cistern, or send public works to repair my driveway or better yet: put me and/or the mines in decision-making positions to which we don’t have the qualifications for. On Saba, the last name one carries is also of importance. Skin color as well.

Let’s talk some truth here. I need not go on here…y’all know exactly how things get done on the island. I know what I’m saying here is not really popular. But you know what? I’m not in it for being popular. That doesn’t phase me. I know enough politicians and people with jobs that are afraid to speak up because they will lose their job and what have you. Fine.

But I want to see this round of elections go differently this time around. Here’s what I would like to see:

It doesn’t interest me WHO you are. I would like to see an AGENDA! What do you have to offer to the island these coming four years? There are countless issues plaguing the island right now…I would like to see concrete/solid proposed solutions to those issues.

Based on that…will I know who is worthy of my vote.

I want the Saban community to go out with THAT mentality this year into the election campaigns. And put aside personal favors! That is not what elections are about… Elections are for the common interest of an island/country.

Let’s talk some serious vibes here. And if I spoke any untruths, feel free to answer on here. Publicly. If not, we’ll do it just like we do it over here in court. Whatever you don’t contest…is considered to be true. Right? Right!

Also what I would like to see done differently in the political arena on Saba is this tackling of people that goes on and on. Let’s talk agendas. Please!!

It doesn’t interest me what Tom did 10 years ago with Dick, Harry, Peter and Paul. That’s between them. Unless that what someone did 10 years ago can hinder their functionality right now, it has no place in the political arena. It doesn’t interest me either. Let’s talk issues, not people.

Over here in The Netherlands, we have a saying that goes: “play the ball, not the man”. So please!!

Also: let’s move on from the past…it’s good to know how much you’ve accomplished in the past. Prima. But let’s hear your plans for the coming four years. That’s what’s of more importance right now. That’s what the elections are about.

Remember that, Saba!

Nataly Linzey


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that people will recognize the fact that some politicians are more protecting their own or their family financial situation than working for the benefits for the island as a whole. And also: democracy with just one in a dominating position only based on relations and not on a political agenda is a shame for Saba.