Sunday , May 28 2023

Two suspects taken to Bonaire

The Daily Herald writes that the wo suspects, who allegedly were involved in attempted manslaughter on Saba in the early morning of January 31, were transported Friday to Bonaire, where they are to continue their pre-trial detention.

(Photo The Daily Herald)

Saba residents L.E.H. (30) and M.A.G.H. (20) are both suspected of involvement in a public act of violence on Paris Hill Road, during which a 25-year-old man from Saba was seriously injured. The police was alerted and arrested these two suspects for public violence, assault with a weapon and attempted murder or manslaughter.

Both suspects were transferred to the police station in The Bottom and taken into custody. The victim was hospitalized and treated for various injuries. Later that day, the police arrested a third suspect in the case on the order of the Prosecutor. It concerned a 25-year old suspect from St. Maarten with initials M.M.G.L.

The Chief of Police, local police officers, detectives and members of the Royal Dutch Marechaussee were present when the two suspects arrived on St. Eustatius from Saba. The two were taken to Statia by the harbour vessel, which docked at Charles A. Woodley pier early Friday morning. They were taken to F.D. Roosevelt Airport and flown to Bonaire shortly thereafter.

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  1. If Kyle so injured why he walk around Saaturday afternoon with a smug look on he face? These men simply was defending themselves.

    Well we shall see what the court decide when the truth outs itself. Until then the police here have again given Kyle and his hooligans all rights to do whatever they likes

  2. Chuuups if it was the other way around yall wouldn’t b sayin that tho.! Yall make me laugh u think we could go in any Spanish speckin county n find jobs n get house n thing as fast as they get it in saba.? Yall do more for the foriners then yall do for Tha locals.! Stop fightin each other that’s what needs to b done.!

  3. I read this website from quite some distance away from Saba and I have to laugh at how the law is enforced on Saba. Its like watching the Andy Taylor Show and Barney Fife is the local law officer. The news says that the suspects are held for “attempted manslaughter” and yet I see a photograph of 2 males who aren’t even handcuffed ! Make sure you leave the key hanging near the cell doors , so Otis can get out whenever he wants.

  4. The photo of not handcuffed people was taken on Statia, not on Saba !

  5. Doesn’t matter where the photo is from. Anyone under arrest and not in a cell should be rear handcuffed. Once probable cause to arrest someone has been established , they are a prisoner and should be treated as such.

  6. If it doesn’t matter where the photo has been taken, then why blame the police on Saba for this!

  7. AGAIN STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE. it’s has worst fights than this and they have it like if it was a big war. Just because they hate theese guys.

  8. And before talking about L.E.H the writer of the newspaper most investigate good who he is. Cuz about a assault that is false very false. L.E.H could never do that what els do you wanna blame him for. For god sake be realistic stop blaming. As I said god don’t sleep. Not because L.E.H try stop the fight you all want to have him like he a criminal. Do you know who his parents are well think good because he ain’t no tear no criminal and what ever you want to call him he have manners yes. And a lot. Just that he like to be respected. And he respect people. but you have something against him . Lots like kr paid the police and who ever in this causing business to be in his favor,

  9. I hope you never get on a similar situation as those guys are and also hope that none of your families menber get in such a situation because as far as I know in the Dutch law people are innocents until they are declare guilty