Thursday , November 30 2023

Lions donate to Sacred Heart School

Represented by President Paula Mayer, Director of Membership Rudolph Hassell and Secretary Carl Buncamper Saba Lions Club presented a US $1,200 cheque Monday to Sacred Heart School in St. John’s. This writes The Daily Herald. The cheque was handed over to sixth-grade teacher Ashley Hassell. The donation is towards the graduation trip of the 12 sixth-grade pupils. This year’s plans are for a midweek trip to St. Kitts and Nevis in June. The children will be flown to St. Kitts by Windward Islands Airways Winair and will be staying at Timothy Beach Resort. Both companies have given special rates for the class trip. During the graduation trip, a one day eco tour to Nevis is planned where the class will visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. On St. Kitts a scenic railway trip is planned and a visit to the government building.

“Travelling is the best way to learn from new experiences and this will be an all-round educational experience,” Hassell explained. Last year, the sixth-graders went on a cruise to several islands, such as St. Johns, St. Thomas and St. Kitts. “The best experience the children and I had last year was on St. Kitts. This is the reason I will take my class there again this year,” Hassel added. “I am very excited to go on this trip,” said one of the pupils, Jim Koot. “I am especially looking forward to a visit to the sugar plantation.” As expected, the donation of the Lions Club does not cover all the cost of this class trip. The rest of the funds were raised by organising barbeques and food sales. Also a garage sale and a clean-up donation programme last year during Sea and Learn were amongst the schemes to raise adequate funds.

For the Lions Club this is the first time this year they donated such a substantial amount for a school project. Buncamper said the Club complements areas of shortcomings and tries to help children broaden their scope of culture. “Youth is one of the core goals of the Lions and we’ll keep supporting them where we can.”


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One comment

    Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is on St. Kitts, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that we plan on visiting. We are doing an eco tour on Nevis, which explores the landscapes of the island.
    Also, thank you to all the parents and to the community of Saba for their continued support, to the Island Government of Saba, Satel NV, the SUSOM Library, and again to the Saba Lion’s Club.
    Traveling is a fantastic learning experience, and I am proud and happy to help facilitate this opportunity for the 6th Grade class.