Monday , February 26 2024

Saba Divers attend German Boat Fair 15th time

For the fifteenth time, Saba Divers, which is the dive operation formerly owned by Scout’s Place owners Barbara and Wolfgang Tooten, attended the world’s largest water sports fair “Boot” 2015 in Germany. This writes The Daily Herald. Each year, the show displays in a staggering 17 halls everything one can imagine about water sports activities. At this year’s show, the Tootens took the opportunity to introduce the new owner of Saba Divers, Vit Rosberg and his wife Renata, to the many tour operators they have long-standing relations with. Rosberg took advantage of the show and purchased new compressors, storage tanks and other items needed to upgrade his dive centre.

Saba Divers and Scout’s Place continue a partnership in the European market and drafted a very attractive “fair special”, which they offered to customers and tour operators. At the show, they also met several new tour operators interested in marketing the Saba product to their clientele. Saba Divers and Scout’s Place have their own booth at the show, and cooperate closely with one of Germany’s dive tour operator Nautilus Tauchreisen. Since the new owner of Saba Divers is a Czech national, there will be a focus on a broader new market, specifically the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Wolfgang Tooten said this is a big advantage for Saba. “To explore a new market with owners knowing the customers and having the contacts, can only benefit all Saba tourism businesses and the island economy in general.”

This year’s show was slower than the previous years, but, as Tooten pointed out, it is all about the quality of the customers, not the quantity. “The strong dollar and the weaker euro might have played a role. That is why it is even more important for the Dutch government to pay attention to local developments and support the tourism industry on the island with reasonable taxes and cutting red tape,” Tooten commented. As every year, many previous customers of both businesses came to say “hello.” Many of them expressed their satisfaction with the diving and hotel company, and promised to return in the near future.


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