Saturday , April 1 2023

2015 election program of the Saba Labour Party

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The Saba Labour Party has recently published its program for the March 18, 2015 elections.

The Manifesto of the Saba Labour Party can be downloaded here (400kB).

The introduction reads:

Saba, the Unspoiled Queen, is ready for a new government with new people. A government consisting of persons who are fully prepared to work hard not for only few but for all.

Saba, it is time for CHANGE! The organization of the government has changed; the Island Council has the political and decision power. The Commissioners have to execute decisions that are made by the Island Council therefore it is important to have your best representatives in the Island Council. SLP is asking you to vote for persons that will represent YOU in the Island Council when decisions are being made.

SLP aims for an open application process for the positions of Commissioner. The objective is to appoint the best individuals with the optimum competences to execute the Island Council’s decisions. The community of Saba deserves to have a team of leaders in the Island Council and as Commissioners.

A regular statement made by the present government is: “That’s a Kingdom law; we cannot do anything with it.” We think different about that! As soon as something concerns the Saban people, it is our business, Kingdom law or not.
Any law can be changed with an effort and hard work to get it done. We need to influence the National Government by having personal contact with people in The Hague; Ministers and Second and First Chamber members.

We also need to build a relationship with several organizations and people to get them to understand and share our vision for Saba and make positive changes that all Sabans will benefit from.

More communication is needed between the Government and people of Saba. All citizens of Saba should be informed about what is happening on our Island; what rules and decisions are in discussions and what decisions have been made. A good working website, use of social media and information on paper are needed so that everybody has access to all the government information.

All Island Council meetings should be aired by radio or better yet, seen on TV and internet.
The government should be open, transparent and informative.
A lot of changes have been implemented since 10-10-10.  Are we happy with them? No, a lot of the changes are hurting our people.  What did our government do? They just accepted changes. (Its Kingdom law, remember?)

This has to be changed! Our Kingdom partner has to understand that we will not accept to be dealt with as second class citizens.

Official guidelines Criminal Prosecution and the new directive "illegal firearms and ammunition possession" effective March 1, 2015
Disputed math test will not be obligatory on Saba


  1. This sounds great.

  2. To me it sounds very general and does not go in depth in what the party really wants to achieve. Many ideas are mentioned which is a good thing, but how realistic are they in the coming four years?
    I miss the construction of the new day care as main issue in education and the renovation of our health center.
    I also miss the quality control from government on key departments which might not fall directly under the responsibility of the government, like health care and education but I sincerely hope that you will get involved as much as possible in these areas to avoid the mistakes and disasters made in the past.