Wednesday , February 28 2024

Helping people grow marijuana is about to become a Crime

Dutch News reports that the Dutch public prosecution department is to launch an offensive against companies and individuals who ‘facilitate’ marijuana production. The new opium law making it illegal to help people grow marijuana comes into effect on March 1, marking a further crackdown on the soft drugs market.
The legislation will not only target ‘grow shops’, which sell seeds, lamps, fertiliser and other supplies, but transport firms, landlords and electricians who help with illegal marijuana production.
The maximum sentence is three years in jail and a fine of €81,000, the department said.
All grow shops will lose their licences on March 1, the local authority organisation VNG is quoted as saying by broadcaster Nos.
The law will also have an impact on traditional garden centres who will be required to report customers who are growing marijuana, Nos says.
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  1. Really.! Yall have nothin better to do.!

  2. Very strange that the rest of the Western World is discovering the benefits of marijuana/hemp and the Dutch government are now outlawing its production. Has the war against drugs (especially soft drugs) really worked since the 80’s? The answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ and this move seems rather backward. A real shame considering the Dutch are known throughout the world of being forward thinking!