Friday , March 1 2024

Information for “Recycle for Saba” Campaign started today

The new recycling initiative “Recycle for Saba” of The Public Entity Saba begins today when the first residents receive their recycling information packages along with their baskets. The information packages contain the information that is needed to for residents on the island to begin recycling. The information package explains the new basket and bins that households will be receiving and what types of waste go into them.

The new recycling facility at Fort Bay. (Photo GIS Saba)
The new recycling facility at Fort Bay.
(Photo GIS Saba)

Households will receive an orange basket where they can begin separating waste inside the home, once this is full they can empty this basket outside in the orange bin provided. The waste which goes into the orange bin is the dry recyclables. Dry recyclables are: paper, plastic, glass, cans and small metal objects, batteries, small appliances and cardboard. All other waste or non-recyclables are deposited into the grey bin.

The information campaign has started in The Bottom and once all households have received their information package, the grey and orange bins will be distributed and collection of the dry recyclables and non-recyclables will start in that village. The other villages on the island will follow accordingly.

The green bins that are currently in use will no longer be used for garbage collection, however persons that wish to use them for other purposes may keep them. If a resident would like to keep a green bin they should simply place it in their yard, after they have received a grey and orange bin. Green bins found on the road after distribution is complete will be collected by The Department of Public Works and Sanitation.

All efforts have been made to make the information package as thorough as possible, however persons with questions should go the Facebook page where they can find more information. On this page questions about the program can be asked and feedback will be given.

Commissioner of Public Works, Bruce Zagers in a statement said, “I realize that recycling is something new for almost every one of us, but around the world it is a proven solution to reduce waste and improve the environment. On Saba it is also time to change what we do with our waste. As you receive your basket and bins and the information package, I hope everyone gives 100 percent effort and participates in this program. This initiative is not only important for today, but for generations to come.”

This Friday, February 27th the recycling facility at Fort will be officially opened and the general public is invited to come down and see the recycling process first hand.

Press release GIS Saba

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Who is / are responsible for these horrible orange bins? These are horrible in the natural landscape of Saba and I will refuse to have one.

  2. Who cares about the colour of the bins. It’s about making sure the environment is protected and that the air is cleaner due to less burning at the dump site. Personally, I find your refusal to participate in such an important program because you dislike the colour of the bins ridiculous and narrow minded. We all have to work together to make this program a success and Commissioner Zagers should be applauded for his efforts. Personally, I am not a fan of WIPM or their candidates but Commissioner Zagers has done his job and continues to fight for a better quality of life for ALL Sabans, and that cannot be ignored.

  3. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Tourists will care about this wrong colour. I’m not stating that the recycling programme is wrong, on the contrary, but only that the choice of the colour of the bins is stupid.

  4. While the ‘orange’ color may be bright in the natural landscape of our island, I think tourists will be more impressed with the fact that our tiny island is undertaking a recycling program.
    The color of the bins will be obsolete….

  5. I seriously doubt any tourist from any country is going to be remotely offended by the color of a trash bin …. much more likely to be offended by trash over flowing cans, trash in the road, rusted cars, etc. Color of the bin? Meh.

  6. They is Orange for a reason and it smell like WIPM. Better still it smell like a fish left out in the sun