Sunday , October 1 2023

Elections for SCS-representatives UNICEF

The Daily Herald writes that recently, elections took place to appoint two representatives of the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) to the steering committee of UNICEF Saba. Two pupils, Jody Morgan and Michel Hassell were elected out of seven possible candidates.

The elections took place last Tuesday, at the SCS, where official ballot boxes were used. On January 23, 2015, the steering committee was installed on Saba by Nils Karsberg, Director of UNICEF South America and the Caribbean. All the companies and organisations are represented in this committee.

The goal of the steering committee is to reach out to children, parents and other residents on the island and create an ideal and active society for children. Each month the committee members will meet and discuss their plans and experiences. Talks are currently underway to organize several activities. One of the first steps is to create an activities calendar for children, which gives a clear overview of all the planned activities throughout the year.

Given that the UNICEF steering committee was formed to develop children’s activities, it was a logical step that children should be a part of that same committee. Last Wednesday afternoon the two new and youngest members took part in their first meeting at which they gave valuable information, which was taken into account by the other members.


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