Friday , March 31 2023

WIPM Party to host its first meeting

The WIPM Party will be holding its first public meeting this Thursday March 5th in the in Zion’s Hill at the Zion’s Hill Community Center. During the meeting the nine candidates on the WIPM list will be giving their first public speeches.

During their speeches the candidate will elaborate on the message of the WIPM for this election which is “Moving Forward Together”. Voters will hear in the addresses that the message of the WIPM candidates is consistent with the values of the party.

WIPM Party leaders said “That as the elections of March 18th are two weeks away, I would like to invite the general public to come out and hear what the candidates on the WIPM stand for. We believe in the track record of the WIPM party and we will show the people of Saba that we are best equipped to lead this island into the future.”

After the speeches their will be refreshments and entertainment by The Occasionals Band.

Press release WIPM Party

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