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Accident near Windwardside – Update press release Police

The Daily Herald writes that three vehicles were involved in an accident Tuesday on the road between The Bottom and Windwardside in Saba. As a result of an alleged street race between two cars, a pick-up truck that exited Patrick’s Car Wash just outside Windwardside was hit by the two street racers. Nobody got hurt, but one of the persons involved in the crash was taken to A.M. Edwards Medical Centre for examination. The road between The Bottom and Windwardside was closed for a couple of hours. The police are expected to provide an official statement shortly.

3 pm: Press Release from Police:

On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 around 5:30 PM a serious traffic accident took place on the Lambert Hassel Road in The Peak. In this accident, four cars were involved.

Two cars were driving from St. John in the direction of Windwardside and thereby frontally crashed into two cars who were driving onto the Lambert Hassel Road from the premises of a business. The drivers of these two cars who were coming from St. John, the 21-year C.M.H. and the 24-year L.E.V.C. and a 22-year-old passenger, were transferred to the hospital for observation. The driver of one of the vehicles that was driving up the road from the premises of a business, the 21-year P.B.J.H., was taken to hospital for observation. The other driver who was involved in this accident, the 59-year-old G.J.G., was unharmed. It can be determined that the cause of the accident is the reckless driving by the drivers who came from St. John, however the police will conduct further investigations as to the cause, extent and circumstances.

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SLP meet & greet last Tuesday
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  1. There is a speed limit of 40 km. We see daily who is compromising our safety, but we have never noticed that a policeman has observed this.

  2. Street car racing on Saba’s roads is attempted manslaughter. Culprits send to Bonaire? They will do it again tomorrow, like they did yesterday. Police, please protect our community from these persons.

  3. So wa happen to tha ppl that was raceing nothin? They don’t get locked up for doin that.?

  4. They’ll get a slap on the wrist and go on. The boys probably think it was just a matter of the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

  5. Unbelievable! One of them has a little baby.. imagine if they hit a car with children in it? If the police do not reprimand these fools then there is a serious problem. They are endangering the lives of others!

  6. One of them boys mash up four of his cars already. They should be charged and have they licence taken away for life before they kill someone or theyself. Then again they Saban so you know how these popo work here. If they been young Spanish boys they be sitting in jail now for attempted murder. This story sound familiar to all. I feels sorry for the other drivers who was involved because of these fools on the road and glads they okay. Who gonna pay for all that damage?

  7. Vanessa Johnson

    The actions of those involved are so immature, they are not thinking of their lives nor the innocent lives of those who get caught in the crossfire. They should be reprimanded in some way in order to set an example to others. Saba’s roads are so small and dangerous it is crazy to think that street racing is going on.

  8. Well,obviously the two young boys was not thinking at the time.But why put the blame all on them? But,I mean what young person do think before they do things? I also have been seeing a name going around for them called “Manslaughter”. Well to those who have been calling it that..Here’s the meaning in case you didn’t know it.
    Meaning number 1. Law. the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought
    Meaning number 2. the killing of a human being by another; homicide.
    From my understanding from meaning number two. Is anyone of the victims from the accident dead? NO! So whoever put the rumor out about this “Manslaughter” is absouletly wrong and needs to check and check again what the actual meaning of manslaughter is.
    These two boys were racing right? with THEIR cars I repeat THEIR cars. I don’t think that anyone else in saba paid and worked to buy their cars.So what’s their belongs is what they could do whatever they like with THEIR belongs.Still,I am taking nobody’s side. But whats said needs to be said! I also heard that there was one more man into the accident? Is that really true? Because I was reading up on facebook how this other man smashed his truck because he went into the middle of the road as the two young boys were racing? Well I have nothing to say about that part. Why I have nothing to say about that is because I have no idea if that is true or not. Actually,To be honost there should be a racing track on Saba.Why? because another accident wouldn’t happen again and the people on saba wouldn’t have to complain SOO much for what has happened yesterday. And all the young boys who want to actually drive fast and avoid people complaining would have something to have fun on! Maybe this is a little project for W.I.P.M. or S.L.P. to look into on in the near future? Elections is coming up soon. Remember? Time to make a change! Well,Your change could start here. By doing something for the youth! I have spook my mind and have said what is supposed to be said. My post may be hated on by many. But,Oh well. What to do? There’s no problem with you trying to speak your mind now and then. Thank you. -Unknown

  9. To Unknown:

    It’s peoples’ selfish focus on themselves, to the complete expense of others, that is the danger here. Me-my-I, and the hell with everyone else.
    It doesn’t matter who owned the cars in this case. Completely and utterly irrelevant. What matters is that the *drivers* turned the public roads into a danger zone where innocent people could have been hurt or killed. Was it necessary to turn the public roads into a danger zone? Was it in the public interest? No, there is zero justification. The are two people who, frankly, were only concerned with themselves and didn’t give one second of thought or care as to how their actions can affect others.

  10. Well,you are 100% correct.
    and everyone else’s opinions are too. I was just trying to put my input in. and notify others who are just putting ALL the blame on the young boys. But,You are very correct. I guess they never gave a second thought to how their actions could affect others. And I myself haven’t even taught twice about my comment. Everyone makes mistakes whether there big or small. It’s all life.

  11. We have an update with the police report.

    If they were not racing, this would not have happened. The driver heading the opposite direction and the driver pulling out of the business were driving normally. The boys had a choice while driving on the road, and they made it. They chose to race on a public road, which is not for racing. This is 100% the fault of the boys.

  12. This time we deal with two idiots who believe that Saba Roads are for speeding and eventually ending up in a serious accident where God’s angels protected them from further body damage.
    This case of speeding is absolutely unacceptable on Saba roads and you might wonder where their common sense is in doing so. Being a father of a young child, you should know your values and moral behavior in life. For the other, having served in the army, you should know damed better what is expected from a first class civilian. Both of you should be ashamed of this studious reckless unacceptable behavior. Before they take your driving license, car and dignity away, you both owe the general public a big appology for this foolish act that could have ended in “manslaughter”.
    You should be ashamed about what has happened and if you were my son, I would give you some hard time to recuperate.
    Sadly to say that you two are not the only crazy idiots we have driving on this island. We all know who likes to speed and play music louder than any eardrum can handle. Do we have a justice system which should control all of this? Fortunately we have a system in place but does it function? The answer is just NO. I can pass the police station with the exceeded amount of decibels in my car and no one does a thing to me. I can drive with a truck loa of sand, water, gravel or cargo as fast as I want, pushing others against the wall when passing and no police will ever stop me for exceeding the 40 km speed limit, unsafe cargo storage on the car, not protected sand or gravel with a tarp, or just diving with a sound system in the car which can be heard miles away.
    So when do all these folks get there act together and start preventing things that happened this week? Or is this to complicated and just put the law on a boy who was acting in self defence and gave him the title ” criminal of manslaughter” ? after all his nationality was non-Dutch and his English was easy to dominate.

    WIPM and SLP where are you in this?


  13. Sabaguru speak the truth and I glad they mentions about those young Spanish boys who simply defend theyself yet they charged and now in Bonaire waiting for a FAIR trial as they know they wont gets one in Saba. WIPM and SLP whoever win this election got to do something about the crookedness on our little island. Just look at all the excuse “Unknown” make for them road hogs even to go as far as to say we should rewards they by building a racetrack for them to speeds on. This is the type of mentality on this island where relations can do no wrong. What about that reported rape that happen several months ago yet I see them walking around the island with a smile on they face shortly after. Someone need to do something about these so called law enforcement on the island.
    (Shortened by editor)

  14. Are you that ignorant to think that just because it’s THEIR cars that they couldn’t harm others? They want to mash up their cars, go for it. But they didn’t just mash up THEIR cars did they? They mashed up TWO other vehicles. And just because they bought their own cars, there are LAWS, which are put in place to PROTECT people. Speed limits, etc. Racing on Saba roads is clearly dangerous…
    I hope the next time your boyfriend wants to race, your little girl is sitting in your lap and someone comes up and scares the life out of you, or maybe rear ends you- because by your logic, it’s THEIR car so they would have the right to hit you if they wanted. They paid for it so they can do whatever they want, right?
    No wonder you ‘young persons’ shouldn’t have babies.. you don’t yet know the value of life.
    And just because they ‘old’ people used to do it, didn’t make it right back then either. And I”m sure that most of that racing was PLANNED and organized.

  15. And let me be clear- in no way do I want to see ANYONE harmed. We are all glad to see nobody was hurt. But how many chances will you all get? If my child or grandchild was harmed in something like this.. it would be devastating. THAT is the part you all are not seeing.

  16. correction- ‘certain’ young persons don’t yet realize the value of life… many have become excellent and highly respected parents.

  17. Dear saba guru !!!
    These young boys have suffered enough punishment from all you insecure grown folks bashing on them ! Im pretty sure the driver of the blue car learnt his lesson becuase from the looks of it his car is totalled ! This is simply another accident in the books but you all want to exagerate more on this incident becuase its elections ! well u can cast your vote election day , but that dont mean who you vote for will build a racing track and take all the “reckless young drivers” off the road ! they should consider changing how grown folks approach we the young people !! yes i agree they owe a public apology but yes you too and others who are bashing them owe them also a public apology! Mistakes are meant to be made to learn from !
    (Shortened by editor)

  18. You say you dont want anyone to be harmed yet you said you hope the next time that his daughter is there too. Did his daughter cause the accident? Was his daughter there? No.. Think befor you type..You can have an opinion but somethings you just keep to yourself. Would you like if someone said that about your child (ren)..if you have..or any other family relative..No!!!!

  19. Well unknown Zebra, you believe you have the facts. But let me just correct you. I do not have or drive a “truck”. My car is a simple 4 seater. You might have the wrong person in mind.

    Besides this, yes, people make mistakes an have to learn from them but don’t give be this BS that speeding on Saba roads is a mistake. It is just a stupid foolish action that we can not accept on our narrow roads.

  20. Concerned Saban

    I would first like to say that this accident was horrible and could have been tragic. But let’s not dwell on what could have been and focus on what is. Thank God for protecting the four drivers and keeping them safe. They are lucky to have walked away from the accident with just a scratch. That is truly a miracle.
    It is apparent that the two drivers were speeding and driving recklessly, otherwise they would have been able to stop with ease or at the most not completely wreck their vehicles. For this, I believe that the police should reprimand them for the actions. It is only fair that they pay for the damages they have caused. It was extremely thoughtless on their part to speed during the day, being well aware that there is much movement during those hours. I hope they think about what they have done and learn from this mistake, and make sure that this never happens again; otherwise, they should have to suffer tougher consequences.
    I see posts about taken away their license, charging them with manslaughter, and even taking them to Bonaire…I am speechless that the individuals in our community can be so quick to speak without thinking of their words. It may seem fair to take away their licenses at this point; however, the police and government officials have to start doing this for every single driver that has caused an accident in the past, every single Saban that has been driving under the influence (yes, you have too), and every single one out there that has driven recklessly.
    The laws do not apply to these two individuals but they apply to every single person living and driving in this community. So let’s start with a clean sleight and put the police in charge of ensuring that we all follow the rules. Do not put the blame on someone else if you have also done the same thing, you have simply been lucky to this day to not have been caught.
    Despite this, what is most shocking is how quickly some have brought past events of “manslaughter” and “taking them to bonaire”, clearly referring to the youth that participated in the fight. I am sorry but these two situations could not be more different. To purposefully attack another human being with a deadly weapon is not the same thing as accidentally hitting two cars and not causing harm to any other persons. I do understand that we always fight for what is closest to our hearts, and I am sorry that you have been affected by the actions of your Spanish boys during the fight, but please try to remain biased in this discussion, for these two situations could not be more different. I am asking the community to divert their attention to the need for tougher laws and law enforcement in Saba. Thank you.

  21. unknown Zebra you need to take a hard look at what happen. Two fools was racing and risking OTHER peoples lives. Sorry that they mash up they own car, but they ALSO mash up two other cars of people who just happen to be there. This could have been much worse and one of them boys has a history of car accidents. No they have not suffered and paid enough. Are they going to pay for the damages done to the other cars? What about the money Patrick loss for three days at his car wash? My dear you are only thinking small and your cup of youth run over with selfishness. They should have they licence revoked for 2 years each and haver to pay back all damages done to the cars, Patrick, tow costs, ambulance fees, damage to road and so forth. They lucky if they don’t get charge with a crime

  22. Concerned Saban you need to read your post again as it say “try to remain bias” and that is exactly what your post does.

    I am not Spanish but I support those boys as we know Kyle pulled a delay weapon first. A iron knuckle can kill someone as well and Kyle started it so you need to get your facts right. They also pull that boy out of a car when he try to leave yet in an act of defense and no I don’t condone pulling weapons on anyone, kyle got a gash. But look who the provoker was, look who always provoke that young man and the fact that that young Spanish boy make police statements and complaints in the past against bully Kyle yet he dragged off to Bonnaire.

    No you typical turn a blind eye to your own and you the reason why this island youth in a mess. All them boys that hang out now in the Bottom causing trouble be Saban, all those boys that get in fights with medical school students be Saban so open your damn eyes and see and quit making excuse for they.

  23. Concerned Saban

    Saffy, I tried to remain as biased as possible. I believe I do not favour anyone in my post but I may be wrong, as you seem to disagree. I too support the youth, whether Saban or Spanish, or any other nationality, they still are a part of our community and they need to pay and learn from their mistakes. I do state that these drivers should be reprimanded for their actions in whatever way law officials determine to be right. I am not making excuses for them, but I am simply asking you and others reading all of these posts to look to themselves and try to be empathetic of the situation and not be driven by anger when writing certain things. As far as the fight goes, I am simply going based on what action was taken by the police. The boy that is currently facing charges is facing them for a reason. Is he not? Maybe this in unjust and unfair..maybe the other one should be facing the same charges for provoking the fight and using whatever weapon he did…and maybe, the boys that caused the accident should suffer tougher consequences…do you see who is in the wrong here? It is not me or you making excuses for youth getting in fights or driving recklessly. It is those in charge for keeping the law straight, who are clearly doing a very poor job.

  24. Dear readers,
    Many have shared their views about the accident, possible causes that lead to what happened and, how in their views, the community should react. Thank you for your contributions.
    I want to close the discussion on this post except for comments that ask attention for undiscussed aspects.
    Sip Swierstra