Sunday , October 1 2023

Opinion: ZVK Saba- who does this cater to and who does it belong to?!!!

Dear Editor,

Lately, on Saba, people are complaining about the elections and politics: WIPM this, SLP that, or about the weekend fights, who is locked up, who is speeding and the list goes on. We complain about politicians and whatever (give all this a rest). We tend to forget that there are other serious matters that effects our people daily and its high time and long overdue we start acknowledging this and speaking up. I am referring to our health care insurance office, the one and only ZVK.

Is this department not a department who is supposed to be there to cater to all people of Saba equally? It’s a service that these people are getting paid to do. It’s a job not your own privately owned company. Where is the fairness in how this department is operated?

Mr. Editor I am going to speak it as it is!!! ZVK Saba plays too many games with their positions, giving preference to whom they want and trying to shaft others. Belittling, humiliating others will not earn you respect or a crown. I am sick and tired of hearing how some patients are being treated and spoken to by ZVK office Saba. For lots of patients, it is as if they are “begging” ZVK for what these patients are rightfully entitled to.

I have to ask the question is ZVK “owned by certain of its workers of by the Dutch ministry of Health?” The way these people act is as if it personally belongs to them and the monies are coming out of their bank accounts. I never knew that they had to dig deep down in their pockets to pay out health insurance monies? I thought that people pay for health insurance. My grandfather once said that many people don’t handle positions of power well, because it goes to their heads. I would say that many people can’t handle positions of power, because it makes beasts and monsters out of them….

Who do you think you are? Do the job that you are getting paid to do and try and remain humble. Trust me, humility will take you a far way. Your best way up is down and your quickest way down is up. What I mean with this is: remain humble and let God lift you up, but when you try to put yourself up, you fall and the fall oftentimes is very hard. Treat everyone fair and square, We are not begging you for nothing: ZVK Saba, this is our rights, ZVK.

This department needs to be evaluated and overhauled by the Dutch ministry of Health!! Too much of “I AM IN CHARGE AND I WILL DO WHAT I PLEASE WITH WHO I PLEASE WHEN I PLEASE” has to come to an end. Someday Holland needs to sends down some of its professional, educated health care insurance workers to man this office on Saba. Believe you me, we the people of Saba needs the intervention of Holland in this matter of ZVK Saba.

Its often said on Saba, that certain people in positions don’t have educational degrees, however more important many in positions needs to earn a degree in manners.

Thank you Mr. Editor for allowing me this time and space and I know many people on Saba will agree with my article.

Name withheld on request.

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  1. It is obvious that too often promotions and positions seem to make people feel that they can dictate and unethically/unprofessionally decide who should receive certain benefits, while humiliating and degrading the patients.
    Recently this has become more evident and is now the rule and not the exception. Yet, when it is a relative or friend, the treatment/service is different.

  2. like me or hate me

    To the writer of this article. I could shake you hand for this article. We, the people, can only bawl about government and trashing them like saying “send this government home”, like you said, and I agree that more important things are happening on Saba. I say, with no excuses, “send some @ ZVK home”. Good, we the people, starting to feel and talk about the unfair treatment some of we do get. I guess, that many have their own story they can tell about how they do make you feel sometimes, like you is at their mercy. I bow down to no man and and beg you ZVK for nothing. This is a piece of advice I giving out in general. If you are a person in a position of power or authority, hold that position lightly don’t hold on to it tight. Today you have it and today it is gone.

  3. Dear Editor,

    Its seems people on Saba don’t know when they have a good thing. they sit and complain and complain and complain. Get it with people, you have the best health insurance in the former Antilles come to SXM, Curacao and deal with SVZ or even Nagico and you will find out your difference. You have it good not complaining! We have to pay for health insurance out of our asses but in BES the government forks out millions to pay for Sabans to head to Colombia for nasal problems and get who pays for that the Dutch Tax payers, not the Saban people as Saba doesn’t collect enough revenue to cover its health and education budgets. So go figure that one out!

  4. in response to Saban.
    Did you not read the article well or understand what the writer was “complaining” about. No one is “complaining” about the wonderful health care insurance coverage we have.
    the complaint is against some of ZVK’s workers. The benefits are tops but unfortunately some of its workers aren’t.